James Callis

James Callis and Neha Callis have been wed since before the year 2000. Nonetheless, James Callis almost didn’t get married to her as the Blood and Tressure actor was conscious of his positive relationship with her at all times.

But he soon realized that he wanted more from her than just friendship. He was fortunate that she shared his desire for more.

James Callis Almost Didn’t Get to His Bride

Neha was not the first woman James Callis met at university who made him realize she was the one. In an essay for Cosmopolitan, James Callis described how he came to understand the distinction between wanting to be friends with a woman and wanting to be in a relationship with her (via jamescallis.tripod.com). In his first week at college, he met a “really gorgeous, funny, engaging lady” (he graduated from the University of York in 1993). Although she already had a lover, he continued to pursue her.

So they eventually found themselves in her room after hunting her for weeks. Yet when things started to happen, he suddenly stopped.

Some part of me froze. It didn’t seem proper. James Callis made some notes. She was gorgeous, but not in the way that a lover should be, and we were great friends.

James Callis and the woman were both in agreement. And it was at this time that he realized that, despite the obvious similarities between sexual intimacy and personal friendship, a man and a woman could undoubtedly just be friends. Even though their connection had first displayed many of the traits of a close friendship, he immediately realized that it was different with Neha with this information. He said, “It had all the makings of a terrific relationship; she was lovely, easy to talk to, and even easier to laugh with.” “Most guys know deep down, from the very first contact, if a platonic relationship is as far as they want it to go,” he wrote earlier in his article. He also didn’t want his bond with Neha to be merely platonic.

Callis said, “I had this overwhelming feeling that if I didn’t ask her out right away, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. I did not want to lose the chance of us becoming romantically involved by becoming “friends.”

He decided to tell her exactly how he felt as a result. Thankfully, he wrote, “She felt the same way I did.

James Callis and Neha Callis’s family life

James Callis wed Neha on December 30, 1998. (full name: Neha Datar). She is reported to be from India or to have Indian ancestry. The parents of the three kids are a girl and two boys. Their first kid, Joshua Amaan Callis, was born in late 2003, most likely around October 2003, as per his Instagram birthday post for Joshua.

Sacha Callis, their second child, was born on August 13, 2005. Anika Jahan Callis, their youngest child, was born in 2009. Callis does not frequently post about his children, and Neha keeps her Instagram private. Callis and his wife maintain a very low profile in terms of their family life.

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