Alpharad revealed that he was bisexual and the public was startled. Alpharad was wed to Fiorella Zoll at the time of the finding.

Even though his marriage deteriorated over time, he has never been open about it. Finally, they separated and filed for divorce. After announcing their divorce, he revealed some more information regarding his sexuality.

Connection Between Alpharad and His Ex-Wife

In 2014, Alpharad, whose real name is John Jacob Rabon IV, started dating Zoll. After dating for four years, they got married in 2018. On November 3 of last year, they got hitched. Throughout the day, Alpharad tweeted to keep his followers informed of what was happening and how he was feeling. In their wedding video, the couple appeared ecstatic, with Alpharad even sobbing after giving his then-wife their first kiss at the altar. They moved to Los Angeles after getting married in their home state of Oklahoma. They shared a home with JoSniffy, a friend and frequent companion, before beginning their relationship.

The YouTuber avoided mentioning his nuptials in his content, as is his habit. But, the background showed that something was not right. On October 20, 2021, Alpharad unexpectedly announced the end of his marriage. He began his Twitter confession by saying, “Fio and I are no longer together and haven’t been for quite some time. Before telling the public, he claimed he wanted to be emotionally stable.

He added that she had been his support throughout their seven-year relationship and that he had “an inexhaustible amount of care and regard for her.” He concluded the section of the statement where he explained their divorce and requested everyone to respect their privacy by saying, “I want nothing but the best for her in the future.” “No choice was easy or painless for anyone.”

Alpharad’s Bisexuality Is Known

On June 15, 2020, Alpharad announced his bisexuality in a YouTube video while still married to Zoll. During a discussion about Pride Month and how he behaved differently in real life, he disclosed this. Despite appearing straight and being “very combative” about his sexuality, he described himself as “really confident and bi.”
He even jokingly mentioned coming out in a Super Mario game and stated that he didn’t want to make a big deal about his sexuality. Then, he discussed his diagnosis of ADHD and where he fell on the asexual aromantic spectrum in an episode of the podcast How Did We Get Here? that aired in December 2021.

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