Aleeah Grace Simms

Aleeah Grace Simms Wiki/Biography

Aleeah Grace Simms was welcomed by Corey Tyler Simms and Leah Messer into the world. Aleeah Grace Simms appears to be living with her mother as of 2023, despite the fact that the couple divorced.

She was born on December 16, 2009. Her age is 13 years old as of 2023.

She has gained some notoriety for being the daughter of a reality television star, and many are curious about her after seeing her on her mother’s show. Her father made numerous appearances during the course of the seasons of the American reality series Teen Mom 2.

Aleeah Grace Simms was born in the hamlet of Elkview, in the United States of America. According to the information given, Aleeah was born on December 16. A well-known television celebrity from the Teen Mom 2 series is Corey Simms’ father. Lean Messer, her mother, is a well-known Mom Teen star who is also a country girl and a former cheerleader.

Aliannah Hope Simms, popularly known as Alli, is Aleeah Grace Simms’ twin sister and has been living with a rare illness since birth.

An uncommon form of muscular dystrophy called Titin muscular dystrophy, which was first discovered in adults in 2014, was identified in her sibling. At the time of her sister’s diagnosis, there were only around 20 instances of this unusual sort of progressive weakening illness worldwide.

Quick Facts about Aleeah Grace Simms

About Info
Full Name Aleeah Grace Simms
Profession NA
Popular For As the daughter of Leah Messer
Height 4 feet
Eye Color Blue
Age (As of 2023) 13 years old
Date of Birth December 16, 2009
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birth Place Elkview, West Virginia
Nationality American
Estimated net worth NA
Father Corey Simms
Siblings Aliannah Simms, Adalynn Calvert, Remington Simms
Mother Leah Messer


Despite not having her own Tiktok account by 2022, Aleeah Grace Simms participated in one Tiktok video with her mother in 2020.

Just 13 years old, Aleeah Grace Simms lacks a professional career. Her mother, Leah Dawn Messer, and father, Corey Tyler Simms, are both well-known for the television program Teen Mom 2.

The reality television program, which premiered on the MTV channel on January 11, 2011, chronicles the lives of four adolescent mothers as they adjust to their new roles.

The show also explored the difficulties young mothers have when it comes to parenting children as well as their evolving relationships with their families, friends, and guys. As Aleeah Grace Simms was filming the show, her mother gave birth to her and her twins, and her bond with her parents was also documented.

Family, Boyfriend, Relationship

Aleeah’s parents experienced many highs and lows, which were even chronicled on her parents’ reality show. She witnesses her mother postponing everything so she can finish her degree, take care of her and her sister, and uphold her connection with her father.

In 2010, her mother and father briefly separated because she wasn’t sure what she wanted from their union. Leah, her mother, started seeing Robbie, her ex-boyfriend, around this time.

Later that year, her parents reconciled and were engaged. Aleeah’s parents wed in October, just before she turned one, but in April 2011, her mother confessed to having an extramarital affair. Her parents separated as a result in June 2011.


Through her mother’s second marriage and her father’s first marriage, Aleeah has two half-sisters.
Grace Simms has only one sibling, who is her identical twin sister.
Simms’ mother once cheered for the team.
Aleeah looks great with curly hair.
Once she and her sister were born, her mother, Leah, and her father, Corey, had a tumultuous relationship.