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An Overview of Luke Kirby and Andrea Sarubbi’s Married Lives

Luke Kirby is an extremely secretive person, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Little is revealed about his marriage to Andrea Sarubbi by the Gossip Girl star. So much so that, years ago, rumors of their impending divorce were stoked by his refusal to divulge any information. On the other side, despite the absence of social media exposure, they appear to be going strong as ever. Here are some details regarding Kirby and his wife, as well as a story of how they had previously separated.

The Marriage of Luke Kirby and Andrea Sarubbi

Sarubbi and Kirby have been dating for a very long time. The couple has been together for a long time, as evidenced by headlines from ten years ago that described them as “long-term” lovers. He referred to Sarubbi as his longtime partner in a Daily Mail article from August 2013. On the other hand, there is no information on when the couple started dating. In 2019, Kirby and Sarubbi only started appearing in public together.

Since then, they have walked the red carpet together at a few film festivals and award ceremonies, including the 2019 Emmys, post-Emmy parties, and the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. They have also exchanged vows. In a Forbes article about Sarah Barnett from October 2019, Sarubbi was named as Kirby’s spouse; however, no wedding date was provided.

The most prominent shared interest between Kirby and Sarubbi is fashion. The actor always dresses to impress when appearing on the red carpet, something he picked up from watching fashion television with his sister when he was younger. He treated his wife in the same manner. In his The Cut column, he referred to “a mutual admiration of runway shows.” In Hollywood, Sarubbi is a costume designer, thus this is a significant nuance. According to IMDb, she worked as a costume stylist for the 2000 television documentary Treasure Hunters. Since then, it has been unclear where she works professionally.

Luke Kirby’s divorce rumors

The aforementioned Daily Mail article discussed the rumor that Kirby and Sarubbi had previously broken up. The article, which was released on August 6, 2013, talked about how the couple might have broken up because of his alleged relationship with Katie Holmes, his Mania Days co-star. Many rumors claimed that Kirby had split up with his ex-girlfriend Sarubbi and had even left the home they shared. He was supposedly spending a lot of time with Holmes off-screen during production breaks during this period.

The Daily Mail claims that Kirby was a “single person” and that Holmes and he were “free to explore the emotions that they had for one another” at the time the article was published. In June of that year, Grazia purportedly spoke with Sarubbi as well. About her relationship with Kirby, she said that “things might be getting better.” Another account from Look Magazine claimed that Kirby was unsure about how to handle his crush on Sarubbi. Kirby and Sarubbi have put their differences aside and returned if these rumors are to be believed.

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