Andrew Santino says, he and his wife have no plans to wed.

Andrew Santino

According to Andrew Santino, he and his wife have no plans to wed.

American stand-up comedian Andrew Santino said in April 2019 that he and his wife had no plans to wed when they first began dating.

Santino and his wife hated their therapist equally

Santino is a married man who hides his union. In interviews, he continues to frequently bring her up. The stand-up comic talked about his marriage to his wife on the Whitney Cummings and Good For You Podcast, which aired in April 2019.
After initially becoming friends, they have been married for almost four years. He claimed that despite the passage of time, their friendship is still strong and they never experience awkward silences when with one another. He claimed he had a specific moment when he understood his wife was the one for him when Cummings questioned him about it in the podcast.

At first, neither Santino nor his wife was interested in getting hitched. They were both so preoccupied with their jobs that they didn’t give a damn and had no desire to start a family. Because of different issues, Andrew Santino and his fiancée started going to couples counseling early on in their relationship. He quipped that they would bond over the fact that they both hated their therapist because they didn’t like his “vibe.”

While they were receiving treatment, one particular experience made it easier for him to recognize her as the one. After a protracted period of expressing their emotions, he was confident that they would succeed. The three suddenly started giggling when they heard staff yelling incoherently outside their window after two minutes of silence. With the sudden change in attitude, he realized she was the one and that she got his sense of humor. After being questioned about their disagreements, the comic said that they only had disagreements because of miscommunication, which was resolved when he apologized. He claimed that the fact that both of them are actively involved in their enterprises and have interests that are different from one another is the key to their relationship’s success up to this point, with no dull times or conversations coming to an end.

The Santino Gay rumors

Santino, who is well-known for his role in the wonderful comedy series I’m Dying Up Here, has been the subject of several rumors that he is gay.
On Rogan’s program, The Joe Rogan Experience, the comedian revealed that his favorite online self-myth was that he was gay. After Santino jokingly tweeted a picture of himself and his friend Chris D’Elia along with the caption “heading away to be married,” rumors started to circulate. Since then, Santino and D’Elia have both poked light on the circumstance by embracing the theory.

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