Mokoia Bennett

Bennett, Mokoia’s Mother had battled breast cancer, and she won the battle.

Manu Bennett, a well-known actor from New Zealand, is the father of Mokoia Bennett.

Parents of Mokoia

The mother and father of Mokoia are Manu Bennett and Karin Horen (mother). Her father, Manu, was created in New Zealand. His performances as Crixus in the television series Spartacus and Allanon in the Shannara Chronicles have made him a well-known actor. Her mother, Israeli socialite Karin, is a socialite. I Am More Than My Tits: Surviving Breast Cancer is another book she wrote. She was a military member who had lived in several places, including Israel during the Gulf War.

How did the parents of Mokoia meet?

In 2005, Manu and Karin first connected in Sydney. Karin was in Australia on a vacation. Manu and Karin started dating, and when Manu got a part in Spartacus, she also relocated to Auckland. They got hitched in 2006. There are three kids between Manu and his ex-wife. Mokoia’s siblings are Pania Bennett and Huia Bennett.

Manu Bennett and Karin Horen’s divorce

Mokoia’s parents got divorced in 2017. They both struggled with effective communication, according to Karin. She also claimed that she was at fault for not communicating with her ex-husband more often than she should have. She had good reason to believe Manu was unfaithful, but she didn’t say anything because he was the family’s sole provider. She had seen the texts that other women had sent to Manu that contained pictures of breasts.

Also, Mokoia received letters and emails from other women threatening her to stay away from Manu and claiming to know him. She was alone and felt abandoned. Manu wanted a family and freedom, according to Karin, but she wished to be his top priority. They don’t interact as often as they formerly did. When the Bennett family went on vacation, Manu wanted to bring along additional women. Slowly, the flame of their romance died, and the couple separated.

Against Breast Cancer, Karin Horen Twice

Mokoia’s mother received two breast cancer diagnoses. When she was 26 years old, she first received a cancer diagnosis. Yet she fought bravely and managed to get away. She received a second breast cancer diagnosis when she was about 40 years old. Pania, her youngest child, had just turned one and was already divorced from Manu. Karen’s cancer struggle became more challenging for her on both a physical and psychological level. Nonetheless, her children gave her courage during her weakest moment. She fought the disease valiantly and overcame it.

Net value

Mokoia is a young girl who is probably taking advantage of her wealthy parents. As of February 2023, Manu, her father, had accumulated an estimated $1.5 million in wealth from his work as an actor. The actors from the television series “Arrow” are listed in order of their estimated net worth below.

Spending Time With Mokoia’s Family

Following her parents’ divorce, Mokoia currently resides with her mother. Her mother’s home is three and a half hours away from her father’s. Their three kids are shared between Karen and Manu. In the picture below, Mokoia may be seen enjoying fun with her brother and father, Manu Bennett. Both of Mokoia’s parents are present a lot of the time. Her parents still share pictures of her with them on social media. Also, she loves to travel, especially when doing so with her family.