Bruce Hasselberg Wiki/Biography

Bruce Hasselberg The most well-known aspect is that he was Loni Anderson’s ex-husband. Bruce Hasselberg is the owner of numerous businesses and has amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune.

Bruce Hasselberg was born in 1940. Bruce Hasselberg’s age is 83 years old as of 2023.

What is the net worth of Bruce Hasselberg?

The estimated value of Bruce Hasselberg’s net worth is over $10,000,000.

Quick facts about Bruce Hasselberg

Real Name Bruce Hasselberg
Age 83 (As of 2023)
Nationality  American
Education Level University
Place of Birth Minnesota
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 1940s
Religion  Christianity
Spouse  Christi Hasselberg
Children  Deidra and James
Profession/Career Entrepreneur, Realtor
Net Worth $10,000,000

Family, Wife, Relationship

Loni Anderson, a nominee for a Golden Globe, has been a fan favorite for the past 50 years. She is well-recognized for her stunning looks, incredible acting skills, and her interesting love life. Due to her numerous marriages and divorces, the 72-year-old has consistently made headlines. The least well-known of Anderson’s four marriages was the one she had with Bruce Hasselberg in her first one. It was plausible because the marriage was established and ended before she started working in entertainment. While participating in the Miss Minnesota competition, Loni met Hasselberg.

Thankfully for Bruce Hasselberg, Anderson accepted his proposal of marriage and agreed to get hitched. Loni was nineteen years old at the time, thus her parents were against it. Since they were determined to spend the rest of their lives together, they eloped and got married in 1964, far from their friends and family. It had only been four weeks and six days since their first date when they got married. After their honeymoon, the couple went back to Minnesota to start their married lives. In the end, Loni’s parents were right. After only two years of marriage, their love started to wane, and in 1966 they divorced.

Many people are aware that Loni has been wed to country music performer Bob Flick since 2008. Her previous spouses were Ross Bickell and Burt Reynolds. What about Bruce, though? Has he lost all memory of his ex-wife?

After divorcing the well-known actress, Bruce maintained a low profile. As a result, nothing is known about his early life and childhood. Later on, it was discovered that he had remarried, which resulted in a divorce. After that, he wed Barbara Howard, with whom he later passed away. He lost his fiancée to cancer in 2013.

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