Christina Mangosing

Christina Mangosing, Louis Gossett Jr.’s ex-wife

A prominent Black American actor with over 200 film and television credits, Louis Gossett Jr. has garnered countless awards and nominations for his outstanding acting skills, which have captured the interest of millions of people all over the world.

Louis Gossett Jr.’s personal life and relationships have been the focus of considerable conjecture for years due to his enormous fame as an actor. especially his union with his ex-wife and child’s mother, Christina Mangosing.

About Christina Mangosing, Louis Gossett Jr.

The ex-wife of renowned actor Louis Gossett is Christina Mangosing. The actor had previously married Hattie Glascoe in August 1964, but they later divorced. This was his second marriage. After a brief courtship, Gossett Jr. later met Mangosing and wed her on August 21, 1973.
One year after their marriage, the loving couple welcomed a baby boy. The family was pleased when Satie Gossett, Christina Mangosing’s son, was born in 1974. Yet soon after, Louis filed for divorce from Christina, putting an end to their union.

Mother of a Son

Although their relationship did not work out, it gave birth to a lovely child who made Louis Gossett Jr. and his ex-wife, Christina Mangosing, happy. After his parents divorced in 1975, Satie Gossett grew up with his father in California.

The ex-son spouse is currently an adult and a father. In the same way as his father, Satie has built a career in the entertainment industry. But, in contrast to his father, he works in the film industry, having written and directed films like Jewtholic, Forgiveness, and 10 Minutes.

Suing Satie Gossett, her ex-husband continued to see his mother despite being raised by his father Louis Gossett Jr. after the divorce. She told his mother that his father’s then-girlfriend, Honey Ruffner, fed him a white powder for breakfast.

The mother of Louis Gossett Jr., Christina, filed a lawsuit against him and his partner, claiming they gave the young boy cocaine. After 0.098 grams of cocaine were discovered in the actor’s home, his son was removed from him.

The allegations were ultimately dismissed, and Louis was granted custody of his kid again a short while afterward. The actor and Ruffner entered not guilty pleas and asked to be enrolled in drug rehab centers.

Louis Gossett Jr.’s Post-Divorce Life

Louis Gossett Jr. lived in the background while having millions of people observing him. The media was also shunned by his ex-wife and baby’s mother, Christina Mangosing. While there is little information available about her present whereabouts, her son Satie posted an homage to his mother on Mother’s Day 2020 and stated that she passed away twenty years prior.

Although it is unknown if Christina remarried after her divorce, we can only hope that she lived life to the fullest. She has no doubts about how proud she is of the man her son has become.