Cody Jinks’ wife, his harshest critic, aids in the songwriting process.

Cody Jink

Cody Jinks’ wife, his harshest critic, aids in the songwriting process.

Former metal band frontman turned country musician Cody Jinks is a devoted spouse to his wife. The artist may have garnered the admiration of both his fans and his detractors, but he has always had to deal with tough critic. His wife Rebecca is the one in question.

She had a big impact on several of his love songs. And to top it off, she has worked with him on a few songs.

His wife harshly criticizes Jinks’ love songs.

Fans and critics alike praised Jinks’ 2016 album, “I’m Not The Devil,” which debuted at number five on the Billboard Country Albums Chart.

On the other hand, he admitted that his wife was a harder critic to win over in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone. The singer had a difficult time writing a love song she liked before he came up with “She’s All Mine,” a single off his “I’m Not The Devil” album.

I’ve written several love songs for my wife over the years, but this is the only one she’s liked. One of her favorites is this. It’s a straightforward, traditional country song about how incredible she is and how incredible I have been over our 19 years of dating.
The rapper later resorted to Facebook to explain that he was being sarcastic when he made the following statement.

The Shadow of Being Husband is a musician

Jinks and Rebecca, his wife, have been together for a very long period. They got married on October 1 of that year and had a son and a daughter.

Yet, their relationship hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.

In 2019, the musician published two albums through his label, the first of which was titled “After The Fire” and contained the song “Tell ‘Em What It’s Like,” which was written from the perspective of the artist’s wife. The dark, unattractive, and ugly qualities of getting married to a country music celebrity are explored in the song.

Whiskey Riff asked Rebecca how this song came to be, and she responded that you can’t understand anything unless you’ve lived it.

They frequently question us about our life and what it’s like to be Cody’s wife out of pure fantasy about the glitz and glamour of it all. But being married to a musician has a dark side, a lonely side, a frightened side, and a very unattractive side.

Cody “expertly articulates what the audience won’t see — the struggles that a partnership goes through when one person is away from it for most of the time,” according to Josh Morningstar, co-writer of the song.

Rebecca, while being a harsh critic, is his inspiration

Cody has always found love and support from Rebecca. Also, she served as a key source of inspiration for several songs on his album “After The Fire.”

In his song “Yesterday Again,” he talks about making up for lost time and neglecting his wife regularly.

For instance, in the sweet love ballad “Dreamed with One,” he shows his deep admiration for his wife, and in “Someone to You,” he expresses his wish to be someone to his wife rather than to the rest of the world. His love and affection for his wife are clearly expressed in his songs.

With Him, Rebecca Has Co-Written a Few Tracks

Jinks most likely hit the jackpot when he met Rebecca. Why? She is not only a critic and an inspiration, but also a co-writer of a couple of his songs.

“William and Wanda” was the first entire song he co-wrote with his wife. His grandfather and grandma are reunited in paradise in this lovely song.

The duo’s other song, “Never Alone Always Lonely,” gave us a glimpse into Jinks’ perspective on life. His wife helped him write the song because she was able to see both sides of him—the family man and the musician.

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