Corey Holcomb

Corey Holcomb has a spouse but also has an extramarital relationship

Love, affairs, and relationships are inherently complex topics that vary from person to person. In contrast, Corey Holcomb appears to have everything under control; in fact, he isn’t afraid to inform his wife about his side women and vice versa. If you tell people that, while being married, you only watch movies with your mistresses, is that considered cheating? You are free to choose how you feel about it. If the wife knows about it, is it still infidelity?

American stand-up comedian and actor Corey Holcomb could have a solution. Being honest and courageous, he has been open about his “extramarital affairs,” to the point where he isn’t afraid to inform his wife about his side women or vice versa.

Who is Corey Holcomb’s spouse?

Maya Holcomb is married to Corey Holcomb. They had three children together, yet it is unknown how they met and when and when they got married. Together with such specifics, his wife and kids also prefer to avoid the spotlight. Corey virtually always uses his wife as the punchline of his jokes, even when he does so.

According to Corey Holcomb, his wife “isn’t 100% sure, but she ain’t dumb” and might be aware of his extramarital affairs.
Due to his fame, Corey’s interviews are only available online, to his wife as well as his fans. She has probably seen her husband’s numerous comedic performances and interviews where he talks about his extramarital affairs. But let’s hear it straight from the source. A reporter from TMZ asked Corey if he had seen Fifty Shades of Grey during a quick interview. In reply, Corey claimed he only watched movies with his mistresses. Following that, the reporter asked if his wife was aware of his extramarital encounters. The film crew laughed at his reaction as he nervously said, “She’s not sure, but she’s not a moron.” After a little pause, he concluded the first exchange by saying, “I love you, sweetheart.”

The “Side Girls” of Corey Holcomb are aware of his happy marriage.

In an interview with, Corey Holcomb surprisingly disclosed that he had told his mistresses that he was happily married and that they needed to do more to keep their relationship a secret from his wife. The conversation did not, however, end there. Corey explained that he was unhappy as he drove home because “it was so simple to get with some of these poor gals” in a more somber tone. The comedian continued by saying that despite his requests for the women to refuse men who already have wives, they never did. He claimed that this meant that they couldn’t be angry with him because it wasn’t just him who was to blame for the affair.

Brooke Holcomb Doesn’t Support Monogamy

The line between humor and reality is quite thin. It might be tough to tell whether a comic is making fun of his family when the jokes center on them. Corey can say the same. But, the majority of them may be real accounts of his life based on his repeated jokes and admissions in a variety of interviews about relationships, adultery, and love.

The interview he gave to The Breakfast Club, in which he discussed monogamy, supports the argument. In the interview, he stated that he did not support monogamy. In response to the question of whether he supported polygamy, he stated that he didn’t “want to put a name on it.” I don’t want to be put in a position where I have to be terrified of doing what I’m allowed to do while I’m still alive, he continued, expanding on the point. Nothing is being taken from me by anyone. With Corey, the line between a joke and reality is still blurry, which is a testament to his talent as a comic. He believed in polygamy, yet his marriage was still intact.

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