Alexa Jeong

The daughter of Ken Jeong and Tran Ho is Alexa Jeong.

The mother of Alexa Jeong is Tran ho, while the father is Ken Jeong (Mother). I framed my entire family together for Christmas. Her father Ken posted this image with the caption “love emoticon.”


Her father, Ken Jeong, is a renowned Korean-American actor, comedian, producer, writer, television personality, and licensed doctor. His hilarious timing is what makes him most recognizable. For his role in the acclaimed “The Hangover Film Series,” Ken is well-known. He also appears in the highly regarded movie “Crazy Rich Asians.”

South Korean immigration Ken’s parents immigrated to Michigan where Ken was born. His upbringing was in North Carolina. His family has valued education highly since he was little. He was a medical student in Louisiana where he was active in theater, therefore he was also quite focused. After earning his medical degree from Ochsner Medical Center, Ken moved to Los Angeles and spent several years practicing medicine at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Woodland Hills.

He then frequently went to The Improv and Comedy Factory Clubs. He starts getting opportunities for television in this way. He gave up his doctoral work in 2006 to focus solely on his acting profession. His wife agreed with his decision to leave the medical profession. Her mother, Tran ho, works as a doctor. On the occasion of her mother’s birthday, her father posted this picture to social media with the remark, “We had the Greatest birthday ever.

Parents’ Favorite Tale

Her mother, Tran, is American-Vietnamese and was born and reared here. In Tran’s family, doctors run rampant. At the Woodland Hills Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Ken and Tran worked together. They got along like that and dated for two years before getting married.

The couple exchanged wedding vows in September 2004. About their wedding ceremony or other relevant details, not much is known. Ken captioned a lovely snapshot with her mom (Tran) and dad (Ken) suited up with the words “Always, thank you…” Zooey and Alexa Jeong, the couple’s gorgeous twin girls, were a gift after their marriage in 2007.

The couple was thrilled to welcome two beautiful angels into their life. The news that Tran had breast cancer was devastating and terrible for their family, and it came not long after the birth of their twins. In addition to a mastectomy, Tran underwent over sixteen sessions of chemotherapy. Yet, with the help of radiation therapy, she entirely recovered in 2010 by God’s grace. But during the sessions, her husband and family supported her and urged her to maintain her positive outlook. The household is currently located in Calabasas, California.

Ken Jo is heartbroken at his wife’s battle with cancer.

When Tran was diagnosed with cancer, her medical professional estimated her chance of survival at 23%. At the time, Ken left his job as a doctor to pursue a career in comedy. He had just given birth to twins and was unemployed, so the news saddened him. The comedian’s life was at its hardest during that time. Ken rose to fame for playing Leslie Chow in the movie The Hangover while Tran was receiving rehab. Only Bradley Cooper, Ken’s co-star, and the movie’s director Todd Philips were aware of what was happening in Ken’s life. There was no turning back for Ken’s career after his wife’s disease was declared to be curable three years later.

Ken Jeong was asked by Ellen to get some medication for her hurt neck.

Ellen contacted former doctor Ken Jeong for some medication for her hurt neck; he suggested a few and enquired as to her occupation. She admitted to utilizing Toradol injections, muscle relaxants, and steroids. After the injections, she takes two Advil and two Tylenol. Since his wife, who is a doctor, said that taking Advil and Tylenol together is just as effective as some medications, Ken thought it was beneficial.

Ken said that he views the Emmys as a nice date night with his wife when he was questioned about them. Alexa and Zooey Jeong, his 12-year-old twin daughters, are his only children as of 2019. Ken said that his girls don’t find him funny or like his acting when Ellen inquired if they did. Ken’s wife planned a karaoke party for him to celebrate his 50th birthday at the “Brass Monkey” in downtown Los Angeles.

He continued by saying that they had a terrific time renting it out for a night with lots of friends and relatives. The second season of his show, “The Masked Singer,” and any changes that could be anticipated this season were then brought up by Ellen.

Net value

Although Alexa Jeong’s father, Ken Jeong, is currently thought to have a net worth of roughly $15 million as of 2022, that figure is currently unclear. He left his profession as a doctor in the United States, where he was earning a nice living because doctors are well paid for their work, to focus on his acting career. His work as an actor full-time is now his primary source of income. The mother of Tran must make roughly $246,291 each year.


2018 saw her father (Ken Jeong) up for a Screen Actors Guild Award.
Her father was Young and D.K. Jeong’s son.
She is a 13-year-old female.