Paulina Pena Pretelini

Daughter of Mexican politician Enrique Pena Nieto, Paulina Pena Pretelini

The well-known daughter of Enrique Peña Nieto, the Mexican politician best recognized by his initials EPN, is Paulina Pena Pretelini. She is a model who works and earns money on social media.

A well-known politician in Mexico is Father EPN. He has a lengthy history of involvement in politics. He started in 2000 as the Secretary of Administration before being chosen to lead the State of Mexico in 2005. He has additionally worked as a municipal deputy since 2003. He has established himself as a notable politician in the public eye. He was the 64th president of Mexico.


Although Paulina is not married, she is dating Luis Fernando Tena’s son, Fernando Tena. They have been together for almost five years and aren’t embarrassed to publicly show their love. There are no signs of their separation, and they appear to be in love.

The initial encounter

They both hail from wealthy households and have lived much of their lives as celebrity children, but there isn’t much information on how the two met in the first place.

ESPN’s nuptials

EPN enjoys a vibrant love life. He is now single and has dated three women. He originally tied the knot with Mónica Pretelini in 1963. Nicole, Alejandro, and Paulina were their three joint offspring. Before Monica had epilepsy and passed away in 2007 due to an epileptic episode, they were a loving family living together.

That was a challenging time for the family. EPN subsequently gave birth to two children: a boy with Maritza Daz Hernández and an unnamed girl, whose identity is kept secret from the world for her reasons. He later wed soap opera star, Angélica Rivera. Their wedding vows were exchanged in November 2011. About seven years had passed since they got married. After that, Angélica requested a divorce, which was granted on February 8 of this year.

During his presidency

Even though EPN has been involved in politics for a long time, he hasn’t built up a solid reputation as a decent politician because he was frequently embroiled in scandals when he held important posts, including President. He was repeatedly charged with corruption and numerous crimes against people and the country. There are also countless allegations of various horrible crimes, such as killings and taking millions of dollars in bribes from drug cartels, that have not been confirmed or are not specific since there is no evidence to support them. His daughter Paulina also stands up for her father in public and defends him as much as she can on social media.

Value of Paulina Pena Pretelini in 2022

Paulina’s current net worth is unknown, however judging by her social media profiles, she leads a luxurious life surrounded by a lot of expensive things. In 2023, the estimated market value of her father’s EPN was about $20 million. His lucrative political job is his main source of income.

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