Ted Nikolis

Ted Nikolis and Lauren Green union is well-known. Ted Nikolis’s current position at Merle, Brown & Nakamura is Counse, and during New York Fashion Week, Ted Nikolis met Lauren Green, the love of his life.

Since then, they have maintained communication. Yet, it is unknown exactly when they started dating. The couple used to go out on dates, eat meals together, and go to events together, but they never revealed their connection to anyone. The couple dated for a very long time before getting married. She was 52 years old when he married her.

On May 2, 2015, Ted Nikolis wed Lauren Green, his longtime partner. In the same year, the couple also became engaged. At the age of fifty, they found the courage to get married. despite the fact that his exact birthday is unknown.

Ted Nikolis may have been older than fifty at the time

It wasn’t a conventional wedding, but it served as an inspiration for individuals who are reluctant to start a new life after a certain age. Age is nothing to this couple when it comes to unadulterated love.

In New York, there was a sizable Greek wedding attended by family and friends. The couple wed on Saturday and held a sizable “Happily Ever After” celebration that night to commemorate their union. Only a few of the family members showed up. Ted Nikolis sister-in-house law’s played host to the event (Lois). The celebrations for the birthday then merged with the party. The first celebration was hosted outside but had to be moved inside because of insect bites.

The newlyweds took part in a number of events, such as Q&A. We play a game where the winner is the person who correctly answers questions about the bride and groom. Yet by showing up to the party wearing thin jeans, his wife, a 90-year-old mother, stole the show and became the talk of the town.

No kids, but he might adopt one

His wife is currently the Chief Religious Correspondent for Fox News Channel. Although the couple is childless, they might think about adopting a kid because of their age differences. The couple has been happily wed and settled for the past five years. In addition, there have been no earlier reports of their having any connections. Although Ted Nikolis is extremely guarded about his personal life, the public is not now aware of his former life or relationships.

What is the net worth of Ted Nikolis?

Ted Nikolis’s net worth is unknown, but as of 2023, Lauren Green is said to be worth roughly $2 million. Lauren might make $122,000 a year, but this is only an estimate; the actual amount might be different. Her profession as a renowned anchor, host, and correspondent is her main source of income. She enjoys listening to music. “Classic Beauty,” one of her albums, is well renowned.


Lauren Green, his wife, was crowned Miss Minnesota in 1984.
The Black Methodist Episcopal Church is where his wife attends.