Hunter Hannah Barron

Does Hunter Hannah Barron Have a New Boyfriend Now That Her Relation to Hunter Horton Is Over?

Hunter Ryan Horton was the first husband of Hannah Barron. Barron, on the other hand, broke off her engagement to her intended spouse before their wedding for an undisclosed cause.

The Instagram celebrity has known Hannah Barron’s Divorce from Fiancé Horton for a few years. The pair started dating in 2016, and based on their Instagram posts, they appeared to be deeply in love. In 2017, Horton even wished her a joyful Valentine’s Day. In addition, she posted on Instagram on his birthday in 2018.

After a year, he proposed to her. Soon after the social media personality said yes, they moved in together. The engaged pair lived together for a while. Then, though, the engagement was unexpectedly broken off. The facts of what transpired between the two are still a mystery.

Cohen Stone and Hannah Barron are dating, right?

A different hunter named Cohen Stone suggested on Instagram that he and Barron might be dating. Georgia native Stone is a producer on the television series Michael Waddell: Bone Collector. On May 12, 2020, Stone referenced Barron teaching him how to noodle in an Instagram post. He had reached the expert level by May 19.

The two reportedly went to Mexico in August last year. The pictures that appeared next were too cute for words. The couple was featured in Stone’s most recent post in November 2020. While there have been no formal declarations about the two’s relationship or lack thereof, we can only assume that they are dating.

They could maintain their relationship in secret, be close friends, or have already broken up. We also have to wait for Stone to speak up because she isn’t regularly featured on Barron’s Instagram.

Being a hunter means you’ll always be a hunter.

The Instagram star is well-known for her pictures of adventures, fishing, and hunting that she posts under her name. After posting a video of herself catching a large catfish with just her bare hands, she first came to public attention. Her admirers are aware of her prowess in various sports, including fishing, hunting, and noodling.

They don’t know how she became interested in these things. The celebrity was raised and born in Alabama. She frequently accompanied her father on hunting trips and other outdoor pursuits when she was a little girl. By the time she was four years old, she could recognize the local snakes, and by the time she was eight, she had already killed her first deer.

She discovered she had a liking for hunting after spending time outside and exploring the countryside.
She eventually went noodling with her neighbors and caught a catfish using only her bare hands. Since then, she has continued to noodle.