Eboni Mills’ husband RZA left her and remarried someone else.


RZA is a well-known American rapper, record producer, actor, and director who performs as Robert Fitzgerald Diggs. RZA has spent a lot of time in the spotlight due to his stellar career.

Yet, RZA’s success is a result of both his personal life and his music. Many people are curious about Robert’s romantic history and relationships. We’ll examine RZA’s ex-wife Eboni Mills today to learn what went wrong in their marriage.

Is RZA’s First Wife Eboni Mills?

Many people are aware of his marriage to Talani Rabb, his current spouse. Yet, not everyone is aware that Robert was married before he wed Talani. Eboni Mills was his wife for almost six years, from 2000 until 2006. The two may have known each other for a long time before they got married in 2000. Although Eboni and Robert were only married for a short time, their relationship was rocky. On the list of major marriage issues were his alleged extramarital relationships. Yet, neither Robert nor Eboni has made any statements about their broken relationship.

The ex-wife of RZA Eboni Mills

Also, the former couple is said to have separated in early 2006, after only six years of marriage. Eboni Miller and her ex-husband also had four children together throughout their marriage. She must have received a sizeable sum in spousal and child support as a result. Mama of Four RZA and Eboni Miller had four children throughout their six years of marriage, as was previously mentioned. His ex-wife gave birth to children Shaquasia Diggs, Melchizedek Diggs, Understanding Diggs, and Eternity Diggs. Although coming from a famous family, none of Eboni and his kids are employed in the entertainment industry. The Diggs siblings have all shied away from the limelight. It is also unknown whether RZA’s children and daughters are related to their half-siblings in any way. Nonetheless, Eboni Miller’s children need to have a loving and supportive environment.

Her ex-husband has married again and moved on.

Their union fell apart, and he and Eboni divorced. RZA later married her after experiencing a second love. When they started dating, Diggs and Talani Rabb had been longtime friends. Three years after RZA and Eboni’s divorce was finalized, the couple got married. Moreover, Talani and Robert are parents to a boy who appears to be his youngest child. The rapper has other children besides his son with Talani and his four children with Eboni. Pranda and Raindia Diggs are two of his other children from extramarital relationships. Currently, he is happy with his life with his wife and kids. There is no doubt that he and his ex-wife are co-parenting to raise their children in a loving environment, even though it is unclear whether they get along well.

What has RZA’s ex-wife been up to?

The rapper-turned-actor has already remarried and found love, but his ex-wife has avoided the spotlight. It’s uncertain if his ex-wife has moved on with her life and found love with someone else. So it’s unclear what Eboni Mills is doing right now because of her concealment. Moreover, no information regarding his and Mills’ kids has surfaced, thus it is also unknown where they are growing up. In the next few days, let’s hope we’ll learn more about his ex-wife and their kids.

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