Eugenie & William Devane have been wed for almost six decades

Eugenie and William Devane

Eugenie and William Devane have been wed for almost six decades.

Long-lasting unions are common in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Only a select few famous people have been wed to their spouses for a long period of time. One such person is William Devane, who has been united in marriage to Eugenie Devane for almost 60 years. William is an experienced performer who got his start in the late 1960s. His credits include Family Plot, 24, Marathon Man, and 24: Live Another Day on a variety of critically acclaimed movies and television programs.
His wife has always supported him, even before he started working in the entertainment industry.

William Devane’s wife is Eugenie Devane.

William and Eugenie maintain a very low profile with their family. They don’t disclose details about their personal and family lives online since they don’t utilize social media. Eugenie’s line of work is similarly unknown. Although nothing is known about this, she apparently worked in the restaurant and real estate businesses.

Before getting married, William and Eugenie were close friends in college. Shortly after graduating, the actor reportedly proposed to his wife, and Eugenie said “yes.” They had a simple wedding ceremony in 1961 where they exchanged vows. Since then, the pair have remained together, and it appears that their marriage and family are perfect. William had no acting experience when he first wed Eugenie. But the actor finally made his acting debut in 1967 after much struggle, and he hasn’t looked back since. When his acting career first started, he did not publicly announce his wife. When the red carpet phenomenon first started, Eugenie was almost always her husband’s date.

David Devane

They appeared in front of the public on numerous occasions over the years, particularly in the 1980s. According to CelebsChitchat, William and his wife were first spotted together in January 1984 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. They were seen in Old Westbury Gardens in New York City a year later. At the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank in August 1988, they gave their final performance in front of the general audience.
In 2022, William and his wife appear to be enjoying a quiet family life away from the spotlight.

The William Devane Kids

William’s wife and their two kids. Bill, the couple’s first child, was killed in a car accident, bringing an idyllic family life to an end. William and Eugenie haven’t said anything specific about their first child, though. The couple’s second son, Joshua, has continued his father’s career in show business. He made his television debut in 1986 on the Primetime drama Knots Landing as Young Greg Sumner. Up until 1990, he co-starred in the show with his father and other prominent actors including Kim Lankford and James Houghton.

In the 1987 television movie Timestalkers, Joshua portrayed Frank. He then contributed to movies including The Preppie Murder, Baywatch Nights, 1996: Pacific Blue, Blind Witness, and Timecop. Joshua apparently became interested in real estate after witnessing his mother market the home in the Hollywood Hills to influential buyers. The lone Devane son felt forced to assess real estate and predict trends as a result.

David Devane

In November 2011, he began working with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage as a real estate agent. He spent a year and a half there. He accepted the same position with HK cLane Real Estate in La Quinta, California, in April 2013, and held it there through November of that same year. He performed real estate work for the Coldwell Banker company for the following nine months. Joshua also served as a realtor with Windermere Real Estate Southern California from July 2014 to September 2015. He works at Bennion Deville Luxury Homes as a real estate consultant. In late 2015, he and his wife Sondra co-founded the business. They are currently serving house sellers and buyers in the Palm Springs area as a real estate team.

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