Talita Roberta Pereira

Everything About Charles Oliveira’s Wife- Talita Roberta Pereira

Charles Oliveira’s famous wife, Talita Roberta Pereira, is a UFC competitor herself. He is a skilled Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts fighter. Brazilian native Talita is from Guaruja, São Paulo. She practices jiu-jitsu, just like her spouse. She attended Unaerp Guaruja High School till she graduated. She is thought to work at Hospital Case de Saude Guaruja as well as Centro de Treinamento Charles Oliveira Gold Team, where she is a fitness instructor. She updates her family on Instagram frequently and has nearly 6,000 followers.

The early life of Charles Oliveira

Charles was born in Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to a poor family. They lived in a slum in Vicente de Carvalho, a popular tourist destination, and had a difficult life. He started playing football at an early age since he was initially interested in becoming a professional player. He was later found to have both a heart murmur and rheumatic fever, both of which had a substantial impact on his ankle.

His ankle and body experienced a great deal of pain, which at times rendered him immobile. He might become paralyzed, his doctor informed him. Fortunately, he overcame it and continued in life to achieve a lot. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, on the other hand, was introduced to him by his neighbor. He began his training when he was twelve years old. His humble beginnings have helped him advance in his field.


Talita and Charles have been close friends for a very long time. He announced his engagement on February 15th after winning a column. He said that Talita had been by her side from the start and that he wanted to wed her. The couple was married on March 15, 2014. Their gorgeous daughter Tayla Oliveira was born in April 2017. Also, her parents are in charge of the @taylasoliveira Instagram account, which has more than a thousand followers. They are a wonderful family that cares deeply for one another.


At the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he competed, he held the title of lightweight champion. In terms of men’s pound-for-pound competition, he is placed sixth. He has also won the night’s fight and submission of the night three times each. In the 41 games he participated in, he won 32 and lost just eight. He holds multiple UFC records, the most notable of which are the most finishes (15) and submission victories in UFC history (18).

The Bronx, if
Charles also goes by the name Do Bronx. He was occasionally referred to as the Bronx person, which is slang for a favela (slum). His first gym likewise went by the moniker of Bronx. He earned the moniker Charles do Bronx as a result.

Gross Value

Charles put a lot of effort into getting this job despite coming from a low-income household. He is currently the champion in his division and one of the most well-known competitors. He reportedly earns respectable pay and a sizable sum overall.