Mari Mego

Everything About Young Thug’s Daughter – Mari Mego

Mari Mego, the hip-hop artist Young Thug’s kid, is nine years old as of 2022, however, the general public is unaware of her precise birthdate.

Young Thug loves his daughter Mari Mego dearly. But, the young girl just posted a photo on her Instagram account that raises questions about what might have happened to their relationship recently.

On April 29, Mego allegedly said, “I HATE MY DAD,” on Instagram Stories. There was no justification or background information.

Some people believed that her father would reject her requests after seeing the post. One individual remarked, “Lmaoooo, kids hate everyone when u tell them no.

Some others thought the remark had been posted by Thug’s baby momma. One convinced Instagram user said, “It’s the baby mama. The opinion was shared by another person, who added, “The mama did this,” and another who said, “Her momma wrote that girl adores her daddy.”

The decision to provide their kids access to social media was also questioned as a result of this post. One person said, “That is why young children shouldn’t have access to social media. Another remark stated, “She’s only nine years old and has no business being on here.

Mego Mari tracing the steps of the father

The 7-year-old daughter of Young Thug dropped “They Listen a Lot,” her debut rap song, on Friday. It was quickly followed by “Do What I Can.” The young singer, who goes by the stage name Mego YSL, sings pompous lyrics that take after her father. She forewarns her opponents, boasts about playing like Kobe, and makes several references to designer brands like Gucci, Prada, and Fendi.

The Father of Three Gorgeous Queens Is Young Thug

The fashion sensation Young Thug is a watchful father. He raises his kids discreetly and mainly maintains their identities grounded. Simply, there is no other method to locate Young Thug’s girls because we do not have access to his Instagram.

On the other hand, Young Thug boasts about Mari Mego, his little diva who has her own Instagram account. The daughter of a thug discusses her tik-tok films and her interactions with her well-known father.

Everyone is aware that one of the effects of notoriety is that anything a famous person does becomes newsworthy. Similar to this, a video showing Young Thug’s daughters operating a moving car quickly became popular online.