Ella May Clapton

Everything You Need to Know About Eric Clapton’s Daughter, Ella May

Young Ella May Clapton is well-known. She is the offspring of the renowned English rock and blues guitarist, singer, and composer Eric Clapton. Eric is the son of Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer.

Lovely Family

Ella Clapton is the child of Melia McEnery and Eric Clapton. Her mother, Melia, is an American socialite and philanthropist. Her two younger sisters are Sophie Belle Clapton (born in February 2005) and Julie Rose Clapton (born in June 2001). The youngest of her parents’ three kids is Ella. She has a half-sister named Ruth Clapton, who was born in January 1985 as a result of her father’s prior relationship with Yvonne Kelly. Her father’s relationship with Lory Del Santo gave birth to Conor Clapton, her father’s half-brother, in August 1986. On March 20, 1991, Conor, unfortunately, passed away at the age of four. He fell out of an open bedroom window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building. The song “Tears in Heaven” was created as a result of Eric’s awful reaction to the news, which left him inconsolable.

Dating or not?

There have been no dating rumors involving Ella. Although she is still a teenager, Eric prefers to keep his kids out of the spotlight. On the other hand, her parents’ romance was a fascinating one. When Melia was 22 years old and Eric was 53 years old, they first met. They first connected at a Columbus, Ohio, party hosted by Armani in 1999. Previously, Melia served as the hostess for an Armani-hosted event.

Despite being instructed not to interact with the guests, she approached Erik and asked for his signature, saying that it was for her uncle. Eric was immediately taken to Melia and was so captivated by her that he would be himself and kind around her. Melia, though, was dating someone. At the time, Eric had a reputation for being a womanizer. On the other hand, Melia was enthralled by Eric’s charming personality, and the two soon began dating.

They dated briefly before splitting up and getting back together in 2002. They were long-term companions who were married and had three kids. In 1979, Eric wed Pattie Boyd. Pattie is an English model and photographer. Although still married to his ex-wife, Eric had a relationship with studio manager Yvonne Kelly that produced Ruth Clapton, and his relationship with Italian actress Lory Del Santo produced Conor Clapton. 1988 saw the end of their union.

Although there had been suspicions that Eric was having an affair with someone other than his wife, his life became more stable when he married for the second time. He changed his ways after being married a second time.

Age of Ella May Clapton

In the year 2003, she was born in London, United Kingdom. She celebrates her birthday on January 14. She will turn 18 in January 2021.

2023 Ella May Clapton Salary

There is no information known on Ella’s financial situation. She is a young person who will probably graduate from high school soon. However, she does get a share of her father’s $300 million inheritance as of 2022. His success was a result of his work as a vocalist, guitarist, lyricist, and composer.