Lavell Crawford

Lavell Crawford is a devoted father. LJ Crawford, the couple’s kid, was born to him and DeShawn Crawford. Lavell Crawford has grown to be a unique father over the years, the Breaking Bad star did not have the same upbringing.

Lavell Crawford’s father, Daryl Crawford, left his family when the comic was a little child

At the time, Annita Crawford, his mother, raised him and his sisters by herself. The 52-year-old comedian gave a detailed explanation of his father’s reasons for leaving his family in an interview with DJ Vlad in April 2017. He admitted that his father was gay, and because of his fear of coming out, he made the decision to leave.

I’m gay, my father is gay,” he admitted. We hadn’t seen Dad in like…20-some years. He said that his family didn’t discover his father’s sexual orientation until he returned after more than two decades.

Lavell Crawford laughed during the open discussion about how he didn’t know what to do after learning the truth. He also found it puzzling that his father had left just for that reason. The native of St. Louis inquired of his father upon his return, “Was that the reason you stayed away? He continued, saying: “My wife DeShawn convinced me to trust the truth.

When the family got back in touch with Daryl, he was married to a white man. However, the family gathering was brief because he passed away in 2015. Before his passing, he participated in a number of bodybuilding events, including the 2011 NPC Senior Nationals.

“Momma’s Boy,” he calls himself in the opening

Because Lavell Crawford was reared by his mother, Annita, Lavell Crawford has a special place in his heart for her. He routinely shares images of her on social media and calls himself a “momma’s boy”; in one instance, he posted a special message for her birthday, August 20, 2020. She received a birthday greeting from him, and he thanked her for never abandoning him. Furthermore, he praised Jesus for giving him a “mother” like her.
On a particular Mother’s Day episode of Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show in 2015, Lavell also talked about his mother. He explained, “I’m a mommy’s boy, and I’m seeking other people that adore their momma.

Lavell, The Family Man

Lavell Crawford The comedian has a 10-year-old son with his dedicated wife, an online shop entrepreneur. Since getting married in 2009, the couple has stayed together. They welcomed their first kid in 2011. Lavell routinely publishes pictures of his wife and son on social media, showing that the three-person family is happy.

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