Korina Harrison

Korina Harrison was a well-known celebrity’s ex-wife in the US. Korina Harrison was wed to actor Corey Harrison from Pawn Star.

Together, the couple has one child. Sadly, they were only married for approximately a year before getting a divorce. When she wed Corey, Korina, aka Kiki, has drawn everyone’s attention.

Today’s essay will examine Korina Harrison’s life in detail to ascertain her current activities.

Korina hails from San Diego, California, initially. She is a White woman with American citizenship. Korina Harrison’s given name is Korina, which is Greek for the maiden. Kiki spent the majority of her childhood years in San Diego.

Regrettably, Korina has never discussed her family in public because she is a very private person. In contrast, Corey is the child of Rick Harrison and Kim Harrison, who was Rick’s ex-wife.

She has a high school diploma when it comes to her education.

Why Is Korina Harrison a Popular Figure?

It is only normal for you to become famous yourself if you marry or date someone well-known all over the world. Similar to how Korina had no idea she would be popular, but when she started dating Corey, fame was inevitable.

Since viewers of Pawn Stars come from all over the world, Korina, the ever-so-beautiful, soon rose to fame not only in the United States but also throughout the rest of the world.

Similar to other celebrity spouses, Kiki is only well-known for her relationship with Corey.

Her ex-husband, Corey Harrison, Is Renowned For His Work On Pawn Stars.

2009 saw the debut of Pawn Star on History. Since then, the program has inexplicably turned into a mainstay for everyone seeking amusement.

The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’s daily operations are followed in the program. In 1989, the business first made its entrance. The first people to run it were Richard “Old Man” Harris and Rick Harrison.

When the program originally aired, Corey and his boyhood friend Austin Russell, also known as Chumlee, featured on it. Since its premiere, the program has surpassed Jersey Shore to become History’s highest-rated program and the No. 2 reality program overall.

Corey is the manager of the shop when it comes to him. At the age of nine, he started brushing knobs in the business. In the seventh season, Corey warns his father and grandfather that unless they offer him a 10% ownership part in the business, he will look for work elsewhere.

Then he received a raise and a 5% ownership stake in the business.

When Did Corey Harrison and Korina Get Married?

The pair wed on May 26th, 2017 in a private ceremony after dating for some time. In her native San Diego, California, Korina got married.

Love is in the air for Corey and Korina Harrison.

Since the beginning of their relationship, the couple has kept a very low profile regarding their love story. Corey made very few references to his girlfriend Korina while he was on the show.

As he had never mentioned his girlfriend before they were engaged, many of us were shocked when the news of their marriage first surfaced.

Regardless, we were all happy to see that Corey had at last found happiness.

Children of Corey and Korina Harrison

The boy born to the couple was named Richard Benjamin Harrison in honor of Corey’s paternal grandpa.

Their lone child was born in October of this year. I’m pleased and I’m nervous as hell,” Corey said in response to the question of how he was feeling about becoming a father for the first time.

They got divorced a year after getting married.

Although their relationship got off to a good start, it ended poorly. After only one year of marriage, Corey and his wife Korina decided to separate.

The decision to split up, according to the couple, was made because of their busy schedules. Corey stated in an interview with the Blast,

“My love for Karina and I are unbreakable. Due to our incompatible work schedules, we were unable to make the marriage work, but we are still close friends and wish each other nothing but the best.

The divorce was finalized on September 10th, 2018, after Corey filed for divorce in August of that year.

Has Korina Harrison Restarted Her Dating Life After Her Divorce?

There isn’t much to say about her personal life because she maintains a very secluded existence. She has practically disappeared since she and her husband, Corey, split up.

Her husband is currently seeing Tara Pasley in the interim. The two have been seeing each other for a while.

Before he wed Korina Harrison, Corey was already married. He had exchanged vows with Charlene Harrison. He divorced her in 2015.

What Has Korina Harrison Done Lately?

When Korina Harrison wed Corey, Korina Harrison was employed as an executive assistant in Las Vegas. In the US, the typical salary for an executive assistant is between $60,000 and $90,000.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Corey got $4 million. Working in the pawnshop is where he makes the majority of his money. Also, his involvement in the program Pawn Stars brings in a lot of money for him.