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Frances Beatrix Spade was born on February 18, 2005, in America. Frances Beatrix Spade has reached the age of eighteen.

She was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, which is her horoscope sign. Her mother is Kate Spade and her father is Andy Spade.

She was born on February 18, 2005. Her age is 18 years old as of 2023.

Her mother is an American fashion designer, and her father is an American businessman. Her mother and father raised her on their own. Earl Brosnahan Jr., Wayne M. Spade, and June Therese Mullen are her grandparents. Harper Spade is her cousin. Frances’ parents brought her up in the affluent New York culture. As she grew older, she also formed a close emotional connection with her parents. On Instagram, she uses the username @bea.spade.

What is the net worth of Frances Beatrix Spade?

Kate and Andy Spade disposed of all the shares in their business to care for their daughter. This shows that Frances Spade is not the only owner of the business owned by her family. Frances Spade, on the other hand, is from an affluent family. Some sources estimate her net worth to be more than $300,000. This is because she is gradually making a name for herself as an actress. She is interested in acting because her uncle David Spade is a performer.

In addition, her father founded Partners & Spade, the Sleepy Jones loungewear line, and other businesses. Along with producing feature films under the Red Bucket Films label, he also publishes books under the HarperCollins name. Kate Spade’s net worth is thought to be over $200 million right now.

Quick facts about Frances Beatrix Spade

Birth Name Frances Beatrix Spade
Nickname Bea.
Birthday  February 14, 2005
Birthplace New York
Hometown New York
Age 18 years old
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Race/ethnicity White-American

Parents of Frances Beatrix Spade

The world is familiar with American businessman Andy Spade. Together with his late wife Kate Spade, he also launched Kate Spade, New York. He was born and reared in Michigan. David Spade, his younger brother, is a well-known Hollywood comic and actor. He started his career in advertising by working for firms like Coca-Cola, Lexus, and Paul Stuart, among others. In 1996, he quit these jobs to work on establishing the company with his wife. Frances was recognized as one of the top 100 most inventive business executives in 2009.

Entrepreneur and well-known fashion designer Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan Spade. She was born Kate Brosnahan, but later in life, she changed her name to Valentine. In addition, she founded and once held ownership of the New York-based Kate Spade design brand. She was from Missouri as well. 55 was the age of her passing. In the year 1994, Kate Spade wed Andy Spade. David Spade, his younger brother, is an actor and comedian. Sadly, they split up just before she passed away. In 1993, Kate and Andy Spade launched Kate Spade, New York. They first had trouble coming up with a brand name. They weren’t married at the time. This was the reason, therefore.

On the other hand, Andy encouraged her to name their child Kate Spade and recommended that they get married.

This high-end firm sells lovely women’s purses. Handbags from Kate Spade are now widely used. As a result, the brand has become well-known all over the world. After the birth of her daughter, Kate, on the other hand, decided to spend more time on her child’s development. Frances took a significant amount of time off from work to care for Frances. Then, in 2016, she introduced the Frances Valentine shoe and accessory line. Frances was the name she was given by Spade’s mother’s side of the family.

Maternal Death

Her housekeeper claims that Kate Spade passed away at her residence in 2018. Afterward, it was revealed that she had killed herself by hanging. Investigators also found a letter-style note she wrote before passing away. Frances Beatrix Spade was the recipient of the letter.

Spade, Frances Beatrix

Spade’s suicide note was reportedly found with her body, according to TMZ. According to Andy Spade’s public statement after Kate Spade passed away, she battled anxiety and depression for many years. She sought both medical and psychological assistance to get better. She was thrilled the night before she passed away. Because of this, there was no sign that she would commit. The family was in disbelief.

Physical Appearance (Height, Weight)

Her father believes Frances Beatrix Spade is developing too quickly. She is currently sixteen years old and is taller than five feet eight inches. Bea is a pretty and fluffy teenage girl who is in the middle of adolescence. She enjoys coloring her light brown, straight hair in a variety of colors (especially green).


Frances Beatrix Spade was born in the United States on February 18, 2005.

Frances Beatrix Spade is currently eighteen years old and is taller than five feet eight inches.

Kate and Andy Spade disposed of all the shares in their business to care for their daughter.

Frances Beatrix Spade enjoys coloring her light brown, straight hair in a variety of colors (especially green).

On Instagram, she uses the username @bea.spade.

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