George Segal remarried Sonia Schultz Greenbaum, his high school sweetheart, for a third time, and he proved that “love lasts forever.” George Segal met the love of his life Early in life, and after leaving her, only heartbreak remained.

Read on to find out more about the sweet love story that took more than 50 years to come true! George Segal, the star of Goldberg, had a love life straight out of a fairytale. After five decades and two catastrophic relationships, Segal made contact with Sonia Schultz Greenbaum, his former flame.

Greenbaum was his high school love

Segal was one of the fortunate few who were able to reconcile with their first love. He got married to his high school lover after nearly fifty years. In Bucks, Pennsylvania’s George School, Segal, and Greenbaum first met and later fell in love. Unfortunately, because they chose to pursue different career paths after college, their union was short-lived. Segal enrolled in college and later joined the military because he wanted to improve his studies. Before opting to pursue a career in acting, he briefly served in the US Army.

The Academy Award winner faced a few obstacles before being signed by Columbia Pictures. His acting career began with The Young Doctors. In the interim, Greenbaum was employed as a waiter in a New York cafe. The two raised their children while they were apart and led separate lives. The veteran enjoyed a lovely marriage with his first wife, Freed, until Greenbaum wedded her ex-husband and gave birth to three children.

had two previous marriages

The Goldbergs actor initially wed producer and screenwriter Freed on November 19, 1937. The couple gave birth to two daughters, Polly and Elizabeth. Before breaking up in 1963, they had been dating for about 25 years. (Freed passed away from a deadly illness at the age of 77.) The actor remarried Linda Sue Rogoff on October 9, 1983, following his divorce. When he lost Rogoff to a serious illness in 1996, the promise of “until death does us part” was realized in their relationship.

George Segal felt dejected when Rogoff passed away. He was at his “lowest point” when he received an invitation to his 45th high school reunion event. He rejected the offer as a result, possibly ending any chance of reigniting his adolescent infatuation. I declined the opportunity because my life was in a downward spiral. After Linda passed away, I lost interest in everything. I had to work to support myself. Life and acting have both become chores. I was unable to go to my high school reunion as a result.

The Rekindled Relationship of Greenbaum

The reunion party planners sought Greenbaum to entice him to go because they wanted the actor to attend. She got in touch with him, and they communicated for a long time before becoming friends. The seasoned actor added that thinking back on their earlier experiences with her made him feel better. It was a wonderful encounter. I was reminded of everything spiritual I had read about, but when something like that happens in your life, you start to believe in miracles. She gave me new life and vigor. The long-lost lovers quickly rekindled their love for one another, and on September 28, 1998, they got married.

Died at the age of 87

Segal will bid Sonia Schultz Greenbaum, his wife of 22 years, his final farewell on March 23, 2021. George Segal passed away at the age of 87 as a consequence of complications following bypass surgery. The same day, his devoted wife Greenbaum informed Sony Television of his passing. She said, “The family is devastated to report that George Segal passed away this morning as a consequence of complications following bypass surgery.” Producer of the Goldbergs Adam F. Goldberg also paid tribute to the late actor on Twitter, stating that Segal had “a beautiful spark” and was “a child at heart.”  George Segal was “the perfect guy to portray Pops,” according to him.