Colin Cowherd

His third marriage is to his wife of ten years, Colin Cowherd

American sports media personality Colin Murray Cowherd is legally married. He has been married to Amy Cowherd for more than ten years. There is also information concerning his marriage, so that’s not all. With his current spouse Amy, Cowherd has been married three times in his life.

Amy, Cowherd’s current wife, and her marriage

The host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd show and his wife Amy have been happily married for ten years after exchanging vows on June 20, 2010.

The intimacy of the couple is evident in Cowherd’s Instagram feeds, where he occasionally posts photos of himself, his wife, and their two dogs. In one instance, the host of Speak for Yourself published a photo with Amy on their 10th wedding anniversary, June 19, 2019, with the message, “10 years tonight, and I’m still on my honeymoon.”

In addition, he tweeted the next day to say that he and his wife had just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

Details about His Previous Partnerships

Before he wed Amy, Cowherd was wed to Kimberly “Ann” Vadala, a spin and yoga instructor as well as a basketball and triathlon coach. The Washington native wed his then-wife on March 30, 1996. The former couple also had a son and a daughter during their marriage.
However, their 11-year marriage came to an end when the two filed for divorce at the beginning of 2007. Despite getting divorced, the former couple remained amicable to raise and take care of their two kids.

In addition, the television personality mentioned that he and Ann’s busy lives contributed to their divorce on the Thundering Herd on May 24, 2007. After that, he continued by saying that, as a result of his divorce, he had gone through a dreadful period in which he had been sobbing nonstop and throwing up in the bathroom for over 6-7 weeks.

The sportscaster continued by saying that his children, friends, and job were the only things that could help him break out of that slump. Parallel to this, he made another statement in the same film indicating that he did not view his marriage to Ann as a failure.

He also claimed that before getting married to Ann, his second wife, he had already been divorced. But, the sportscaster didn’t go any further regarding his first marriage and stopped there. There is no information regarding his first wife other than what he revealed.

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