Anne Terzian

Anne Terzian is not an exception to the rule that one of the simplest ways to become a celebrity wife is to marry one. Anne Terzian may be more well-known to followers of the 1990s entertainment industry than she is now because she was Bob Crane’s ex-wife.

Her ex-boyfriend was a popular American actor, percussionist, and radio host who was nominated for two Emmys.

Given the actor’s background, it makes sense that Anne Terzian is less well-known than her ex-husband Bob Crane. Anne Terzian remained by his side for the majority of their marriage until their divorce, despite her husband’s notoriety as the star of “Hogan’s Heroes.”

What is the net worth of Anne Terzian?

Anne Terzian may or may not have been Bob Crane’s wife when he passed away in 1978, but she did receive a share of his wealth. To be more specific, the ex-wife of former CBS star Anne Terzian had a net worth of $100,000 as of 2023.

Being the ex-wife of renowned actor and drummer Bob Crane, Anne Terzian was well-known as a celebrity companion. She may have been murdered 42 years ago, but due to extensive media coverage, people may still recognize her now. He has exchanged vows with other women besides Bob Crane as well. They dated for a while before getting married in 1949. Since they had been happily married for twenty-one years, everything first appeared to be going well for them. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as expected, and the couple separated in 1970. Terzian’s ex-partner, actor Bob Crane, wed Sigrid Valdis the same year they split up.

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