Hugh Grant, a British actor best known for his part in “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” is a name that most of us are familiar with. Hugh Grant received a BAFTA for Best Actor in a Leading Role and a Golden Globe for Best Actor for the role.

From two distinct partnerships, Grant has five kids. Francis Chang Hugh Grant’s ex-partner, Tinglan Hong, gave birth to Hong Grant. Hugh is a capable and dashing hottie who rarely discusses his personal life in public. His son Felix may not be well known to many of his admirers. Here are all the details about Felix Grant, the son of Hugh Grant, that you need to know.

Felix is Hugh Grant’s Second Child

The adorable child, Felix-chang-hong, was born on December 29, 2013. Hugh Grant’s son Felix was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London, according to his birth certificate. The Duchess of Cambridge was supposed to give birth at the same time. On February 16, 2013, Grant posted on Twitter to share the arrival of his son. At 6:44 p.m., he tweeted once more to clarify for his fans any misunderstandings regarding his fatherhood. Felix is Hugh’s second kid with his ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong. Felix was the couple’s second child; Tabitha Xaio Xi Hong Grant was just 16 months old.

The Tale of His Parents’ Love At a Chinese restaurant, it all began.
Tinglan Hong, Felix-chang-mother, hongs is of Chinese descent and was born there. After leaving her birthplace of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China in 1979, Felix’s mother moved to the UK in 2003. When Felix’s parents first met, she was a receptionist at a Chinese restaurant in London.

Felix Chang Hong Grant, a son of Hugh Grant

In 2011, Hugh Grant began an affair with Felix’s mother. Other reports claim that Miss Hong and Mr. Grant met in 2008 at a wine bar in Chelsea. The former couple developed a strange bond before starting an affair in January 2011. Their first child, Tabitha Grant, was born in the same year. The former couple, though, had broken up by that point. In 2013, they got back together, however, they broke up again in 2014. Hugh separated from Felix’s mother, but he made sure his kids and ex-girlfriend had access to the good things in life. Hugh bought his baby mama a $1.2 million house in 2011 to keep her, Felix, and Tabitha safe.

The Father of Felix is wed

Hugh, the father of Felix Chang, wed Anna Elisabet Eberstein for the first time in 2018 at the age of 57. On May 25, 2018, Swedish television producer Anna and Hollywood actor Hugh wed. The intimate wedding took place in London at the Chelsea Registration Office.

Hector Grant

the five children’s father Hugh wed Anna Eberstein in 2018. The picture was taken from Hugh Grant’s Facebook page. Felix’s father, Hugh, had relationships with a number of women before being married, including Tinglan Hong, Elizabeth Hurley, Jemima Khan, and his present spouse, Anna Eberstein. Hugh never wed those women, but he never gave up on the idea of being their children’s father.

The full and half-siblings of Felix Grant

Hugh had children with a number of women, including Felix’s mother Tinglan, as was previously mentioned. The oldest of Felix’s siblings is Tabitha, who is Felix’s sister. Felix Grant’s biological sister is Tabitha Grant. Because of his father’s relationship with Anna, he also has three half-siblings. His father and stepmother Anna welcomed his half-sister in December 2015. John Mungo Grant, Felix’s half-brother, was also born to the couple in September 2012. 2018’s spring brought about the birth of Felix Chang’s youngest sibling, whose parents haven’t yet revealed the name.

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