Isabella Dawson

Isabella Dawson’s father is the American actor Rosario Dawson. Rosario adopted Isabella as a daughter. Isabella Dawson was adopted by The Dawson family who went in search of her after realizing she was in foster care because they knew who her real mother was.

She finally revealed her real name after seven years

Isabella Dawson, then 11 years old, moved in with her mother Rosario in 2013 and was later adopted. Rosario hid her true identity up until the year 2021. Before her true identity was discovered, Isabella Dawson went by the name Lola. When queried about Lola’s age on the Parents’ We Are Family podcast, she said that Lola wasn’t her true name. She proceeded by adding that when she adopted the child, she didn’t give her a name. Isabella is unsure of the origin of the name, but it appeared that someone had retained it despite competition from others.

She didn’t feel the need to rectify it at the time, but as her daughter became older, Isabella made the decision to legally announce her name because she didn’t appreciate being called Lola. She gave Isabella the name of her grandmother, Isabel.

Why did her mother decide to adopt an older child?

The real reason behind Rosario’s choice to adopt an older child was made public when she made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. She was only five years old when she learned that her father was not her biological father, and as a result, her viewpoint on adoption was altered. When he wed her mother when she was only 18, he had a daughter and raised her as his own. She asserted that although she might have been raised in a single-parent home like the other kids in her neighborhood, her father married her mother when she was very little.

Dawson, age 5, then questioned whether her father had never wed her mother. Had her mother’s marriage attracted the attention of anyone? Since it’s simple to adopt a pretty small infant, she recalls telling her parents she was going to adopt older children. But what about the older children who also needed parents? She could have biological siblings or not. However, she is the only child Rosario has adopted.

She isn’t a smartphone user

Rosario informed Access in December 2018 that Isabella Dawson didn’t have a smartphone. She doesn’t have one now, but she didn’t have one when she was growing up. Isabella Dawson continued by highlighting the value of learning in three dimensions and how it influences brain development. She continued by saying that she had a conversation with Isabella about it and provided examples of other children who were growing up online based on their choices.

What’s her mother’s relationship status?

US Senator Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson were together from February 2022 until their split. In the summer of 2018, they met for the first time at a political fundraiser for a mutual acquaintance. According to Booker, who reported this to The Washington Post in 2019, they had a long talk the night they first met.

He admitted he had no idea how to gain Dawson’s phone number and recalled having foolishly explained his strategy to contact her when she asked him if he wanted her number. Rosario later confessed that despite the gradual nature of their romance, she found Booker to be endearing. Dawson revealed her connection with Booker in March 2019. Dawson seemed to have moved on after she and Booker broke up. She is now related to the poet Nnamdi Okafor after the two of them briefly appeared on a video together in August.

Okafor stated in the video, “I Love You,” and Dawson answered, “I Love You Too.” To wish him a happy birthday, she shared a quick video of the two of them dancing to “I got you, darling” by Sonny & Cher on August 13.

What is the net worth of Isabella Dawson?

Isabella Dawson’s worth hasn’t yet been calculated. Rosario’s net worth has now been determined. Rosario is a multi-talented actress, singer, writer, voice actor, and film producer. She had a $6 million net worth as of 2023.