It’s rumored that Natalie Halcro’s ex-boyfriend Aygemang Clay is the father of her child.

Natalie Halcro

Natalie Halcro’s daughter, Dove Halcro, was born on February 4, 2020. Natalie Halcro announced the good news on Instagram but kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret.

While there are allegations that Natalie Halcro’s baby daddy is her prior partner, Aygemang Clay, the former WAGS star has kept mute.

The daughter of Halcro is now a year old.

On February 4, 2021, Dove, Natalie Halcro’s daughter, will turn one. The television celebrity posted wishes for her unborn daughter on Instagram and talked about how Dove has affected her life. Dove was conceived in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rhonda, Halcro’s mother, came to aid the new mother from Canada and stayed with them for nine months. She took care of the mother-daughter team’s bodily and spiritual needs. Halcro, a well-known individual, has shared adorable photos of her child on Instagram, inspiring everyone else to get the baby fever. In November 2020, she made her first pregnancy announcement. She posted a picture of her baby pod to confirm that she was 29 weeks pregnant. Natalie Halcro included it on her list of things to be thankful for in 2020.

Relating Her Baby’s Father

It is widely believed that Halcro’s boyfriend before the pregnancy announcement, model/actor Aygemang Clay, is the child’s father. Halcro’s sitcom Surprisingly Nat and Liv’s second episode has a scene with Clay. He went with the family on vacation to Whistle, where Halcro told her family that she had gotten back together with him after a six-month break. The couple’s relationship was on and off, but they were deeply connected. Halcro characterized her and her companion as having a “wonderful connection.”

However, the chemistry was short-lived because the pair’s priorities were defined in the following episode. Halcro decided to concentrate on her clothing line and career after Clay relocated to Florida. The 33-year-old has not mentioned Clay or the father of her kid once since that time. Until and unless she tells the truth, the identity of her baby’s father will remain a secret.

Speculation On Halcro’s Plastic Surgery

Another source of the rumor is Natalie Halcro’s theories about plastic surgery. When she first gained notoriety as the WAGS girlfriend of NFL linebacker Shaun Phillips, Halcro’s facial structures have undergone a significant transformation. The evolution of Halcro’s appearance has led many people to believe she has undergone cosmetic surgery. But she hasn’t had surgery yet. She agreed to some jawline fillers and experienced Coolsculpting with Dr. Garo Kassabian of Beverly Hills. Using the application of regulated temperature, the waist, belly, hips, neck, and thigh fat cells are frozen and destroyed during the Coolsculpting treatment.

Natalie Halcro was escorted to the treatment by her best friend, Olivia Pierson, and her cousin, Halcro. The Langley native’s appeal derives from her makeup skills and techniques rather than specific procedures. The fashion blogger would have been a cosmetics artist if she hadn’t been a model.

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