J. B. Mauney

J. B. Mauney refers to his wife as a “smoke show” and wishes her a happy birthday in an Instagram post, professional cowboy. J. B. Mauney  wished his beautiful wife a happy birthday on March 22, 2018, and posted a picture of her on his account, which has over 477k followers.

Their lives have never been the same since the two just welcomed a tiny angel into their life.

The Family Life

The moment J. B. Mauney heard “She said yes” while working on this essay must have made him very happy. He joyfully displayed her engagement ring in an Instagram snap he shared with his future wife on November 1, 2016. After one year, they got hitched. J.B. calls the decision the best he has ever made on their third wedding anniversary.

J. B. Mauney wrote, Three years ago today, we exchanged vows! I made the wisest decision of my life! I adore you; happy anniversary to the best mother and wife I’ve ever met. On the handsome man’s hands are tattoos of his wife’s initials. On January 3, 2017, Mauney wed Samantha Lyne, and a little over two years later the couple welcomed a beautiful baby boy. The couple welcomed their baby Jagger Briggs Maune on January 23, 2019.

Jagger’s father enjoys spending time with him and playing with him even though J. B. Mauney is over two years old. Like her spouse, Samantha enjoys participating in sports, especially bull riding. She took part in the 2014 NFR Qualification as an expert barrel racer. As their child gets older, the proud parents are already encouraging him to take part in a variety of sports. Wearing cowboy hats, the parents are training their children from an early age when they ride bulls and horses and take walks in the woods.

Initial Marriage

Whew! I was used to being alone, so it was challenging at first. I had completely lost control. But after I got married and had a kid, my perspective completely changed. He said this in response to being asked how J. B. Mauney manages his newlywed status with a daughter from a previous union. Fortunately, his wife Samantha was a huge help during the challenging times. Samantha became his daughter’s friend and adopted her into her life right away.

While posting a picture of her husband, stepdaughter, and son, Samantha writes. Samantha shares the same sentiments as Mauney does for her stepdaughter. She shows up to all of her stepdaughter’s significant occasions, and the mother-son duo enjoys dressing up and going to Mauney’s sporting events. His daughter from his first marriage to Lexie Wiggly is Bella Maunbey. He wed Wiggly till 2015, the year of his first marriage.

The ex-couple frequently appeared in public together, and Lexie usually accompanied her ex-husband. Although Bella appears to be mostly residing with Mauney and Samantha, the reason for their divorce is unknown. One of the top PBR champions in the world, the professional bull rider started his professional career in 2005.

A six-time champion

James Burton “J.B.” Mauney, who was born in Mauney on January 9, 1987, is recognized as one of the greatest bull riders of all time. Although he has won several PBR championships, he is the 2013 and 2015 PBR world champions. In 2009 and 2013, he won the PBR World Finals Event Championship. The 34-year-old was also the PBR Rookie of the Year and the 2005 Touring Pro Division Champion. When he became the first bull rider to earn $7 million in his career, he created history once more. J. B. Mauney has already stated that he won’t compete in the PBR because he wants to focus on the PRCA and earn a spot in the inaugural National Finals Rodeo.

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