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James Roday’s Wife: Who is She? Has James Roday started dating since splitting from Maggie Lawson?

American actor, playwright, and director James Roday are well-known for his work on the hit TV show “Psych.” When James Rodriguez changed his professional name to James Rodriguez and went to register with the Screen Actors Guild, he discovered that there was already another James Rodriguez. After completing his studies in the experimental theater wing, he made his movie debut and shortly after began performing heroic roles at New York University in the 1920s. He had to wait a few more years, though, before getting his big break. He was selected to play Shawn Spencer in “Psych,” a detective consultant and bogus psychic. His interest in conducting and writing was prompted by the series, which also included him. Today currently works behind the camera, directing and writing scripts for numerous movies and TV shows while simultaneously acting in a large number of other projects.

Who is the wife of James Roday?

In 2006, James Roday and Maggie Lawson started dating. They first ran into each other while acting as lovers on the set of the American comedy series Psych. Today presented Shawn Spencer, an independent consultant, and Lawson played Juliet “Jules” O’Hara, a junior investigator for the Santa Barbara police department. However, their on-screen relationship ended after seven years, leading to their real-life romance.

Maggie Lawson and James Roday’s relationship

Their love on the screen has become a real-life partnership for James Roday and Maggie Lawson.
The on-screen married couple started dating in 2006. The relationship didn’t continue forever, though, just like in the television show. They broke up their seven-year romance in 2014 without giving any explanation.

Miss Lawson Married After Their Split

Actor Ben Koldyke entered Maggie Lawson’s life after she split from her psych co-star James Roday at the beginning of 2014. She first met him on the opulent Back in the Game sets on ABC. In this show, Lawson played Dick Sligbaugh opposite Terry Gannon Jr. and Koldyke.

Lawson and Koldyke quickly became involved, beginning in November 2014, and got married in August 2015. The couple only remained married for two years after being married at the beginning of 2017.

James Roday is now dating?

Since parting ways with his wife and real-life ex-girlfriend Maggie Lawson, James Roday has not been connected to any romantic partners. But, others who support Roday and Lawson continue to urge them to get back together. Having said that, his acting career seems to be Coming Soon’s main attraction.

Since 2018, A Million Little Things has taken the lead in an American family drama featuring teen actress Lizzy Greene. In this show, he portrays Gary Mendez, a deflationist with complete emotional control. On November 19, 2020, the third season of the program debuted.

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James Roday’s movie and television career

James Roday is a well-known American actor who represents and spins the part of Shawn Spencer in the Psych series of the USA Network (2006-2014).

The psych star then pursued theater studies at New York University’s Experimental Theater Wing and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

During his college years, Roday was the lead vocalist and keyboardist for the band Dogberry. He was also acknowledged by recording 24 hours of his bandmate’s single for ‘The Sundays.’

He began his acting career as a result of his love for and fascination with the performing arts. Beginning with plays like Three Sisters, A Responsible Wedding, and Severity’s Mistress, he performed in them.

Coming Soon, a 1999 film starring Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, marked his outstanding movie debut. His big break came in July 2006 with the debut of the USA Network original series Psych. The triumph of the series came after eight seasons in 2014.

The Fortune Rookie actor also directed a lot of episodes in the Psych television series as well as other projects like Gravy, Quest for Truth, Rosewood, and Into the Dark. James Roday’s net worth was $12 million as of 2022. He is also a founding member of the nonprofit LA theatrical company RED DOG SQUADRON.