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Jamil Hardwick Wiki/Biography

Jamil Hardwick has grown up to be an incredible father and a great role model for his kid. Jamil Hardwick has started and runs numerous enterprises as a serial entrepreneur.

He was born on October 16th.

He has achieved success in a variety of industries, and he frequently exhorts his social media fans to put in extra effort to meet their goals.

Tasha D’Arensbourg is Jamil Hardwick’s spouse. Tasha frequently makes an appearance in Jamil’s Instagram photos, generally with heartfelt messages. The adorable pair is parents to a child together.

Hart Dylan, the child of Jamil Hardwick, was born on July 6, 2014. Jamil is a wonderful father who loves his child dearly. He routinely updates his Instagram account with pictures of himself and his child, and he is an outspoken supporter of Hart. Hart’s selection as one of the faces of Athletic Propulsion Laboratories’ (APL) kids’ shoe line was revealed by Jamil on Instagram, and he was ecstatic to share the news.

Jamil Hardwick’s son frequently posts pictures of his parents having fun together, whether they are at home or outside. Hart’s first day of kindergarten and other significant life events have been meticulously documented by Jamil. The three-person family seemed to be having a good time.

What is the net worth of Jamil Hardwick?

Based on the work he has done and will continue to perform, his net worth is predicted to be $5 million as of 2023. As was already said, Jamil Hardwick is an entrepreneur—more particularly, a serial entrepreneur. He is the OKO CBD line’s owner and co-founder. He also works with Blessed Brand on business matters.

Producer of both films and television, Hardwick. He was once the Co-CEO of Bravelife, a production business with a variety of television film projects that have been greenlit and are in the development stage. He helped Omari Hardwick, an actor, manage his ability. Jamil has also secured product placement contracts for cameos on TV programs including HBO’s Entourage and TNT’s Dark Blue. Hardwick’s accomplishments indicate that he must have a sizable net worth. Omari Hardwick, his younger brother, is rumored to be worth $5 million.

Quick facts about Jamil Hardwick

Birth Name Jamil Hardwick
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur and Investor
Parents Lester Hardwick, Joyce Hardwick,
Husband/Wife Tasha D’Arensbourg
Sibling Shani Hardwick Wilson, Malik Hardwick, Omari Hardwick, Kenneth Allen Hardwick
College/University University of Georgia
Children Hart Dylan Hardwick
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black

Family, Girlfriend, Relationship

Lester and Joyce Hardwick were his parents of him. Jamil has frequently shared on social media how much he loves his parents. Omari Hardwick’s brother Jamil Hardwick, commonly known as him, hails from a large family. His siblings are Shani Hardwick and Malik and Omari Hardwick. Actor Omari Hardwick has appeared in a number of movies and television programs, including Power and The Guardian. Jamil’s younger brother, Kenneth Allen Hardwick, passed away in 2006.

Brother of Hardwick, He, and his family appear to get along nicely. On social media, he frequently mentions and shows his affection for his family. He will undoubtedly be more successful than he is now if he continues to strive for his passion and career while receiving the support and love of his family.

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