Kevin James

Kevin James the “The King of Queens” star has been wed to Steffiana De La Cruz for more than ten years. Kevin James seems to be a devoted husband and father who values spending time with his family.

Over the course of their marriage, they welcomed four children. In contrast to his romantic blunders on-screen, Kevin James’ real-life love story is amazing. In 2001, friends and coworkers set him up on a blind date, where he eventually met his wife. Although blind dates are only successful in movies, James was able to benefit from them because the couple moved in together soon after their blind date.  So let’s look at how he got along with his wife and kids.

The connection between Kevin James and His Wife

Kevin James is a well-known name in the industry, but his wife has also had exposure to the movie industry. She makes a few appearances in The Kings of Queens, but she is better remembered for her work in Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Zookeeper (1 and 2). James’ wife, though, and he both keep a very close-knit relationship. The couple dated for two years before getting engaged in 2004. Their engagement came a year after their wedding.

The pair exchanged vows on June 19, 2004, and made sure their wedding went off without a hitch. Following the ceremony, a spectacular reception enhanced the magic of the celebrations. They are still as enamored with one other as they were when they first met, and their love has only gotten stronger. His humorous displays of affection must contribute to their successful marriage. Nothing can ever come between us, James captioned a picture he posted on Valentine’s Day 2020 of the couple grinning and munching on the cake. On the sixteenth anniversary of their marriage, James posted a picture of himself and his wife with the remark, “You’re all I need, along with the kids and Friday night pizza and Sunday pasta, but that’s it: you, the kids, pizza, and pasta.” His wife and admirers adore him for his distinctive style of emotional expression.

Kevin James and the kids he adopted

When they had their first child, Sienna Marie, in September 2005, James said it was the most amazing sensation to know he would one day be referred to as “dad.” Two years later, in 2007, they were going to have a new baby. Once more, a female was involved. They were ecstatic to have their second daughter, Shea Joelle, home, according to James. He continued by saying that having another girl is the cherry on top of his enjoyment of being a father and spending time with his wife and kids.

Also, he occasionally posts pictures and videos of his wife and kids. On March 26, 2020, he uploaded a video of his daughter singing and his son playing the piano. They were both adorable. James’ family, which now included his wife and kids, grew to five in 2011. Kannon Valentine, a boy, was born to them. Then, in 2015, they welcomed Sistine Sabella, their youngest child.

James claimed that his wife and kids motivate him to work hard and take care of him in every way. To improve his family’s closeness, he makes sure to spend time with them and go on holidays.

Kevin James Wikipedia

Actor and comedian Kevin James, real name Kevin George Knipfing, is best known for playing Doug Heffernan on the CBS sitcom “The King of Queens.” Sports were his first love; comedy was never this charming and amusing comedian’s first option. In high school, he played football and excelled as a tailback. He was an accomplished wrestler and an athlete as well. To make a career out of his love, he studied sports management at university. But, he concluded that this was not what he wanted to do after a few semesters.

Kevin James got cast in a humorous role in a community theater production over his summer break after giving an audition. Kevin James decided to pursue comedy as a career since he loved performing it so much. He joined his brother Gary Valentine’s improv group and participated in their performances. When he was offered a five-minute stand-up spot at a comedy club, he earned his first major break. He was a huge hit, and the audience erupted in laughter. He soon made the switch to television, where he rose to fame as Doug Heffernan. The gifted comedian has also made appearances in several movies.

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