Wahida Djebbara

Know About Karim Benzema’s Mother by Wahida Djebbara

French professional footballer, Karim Benzema’s mother is Wahida Djebbara. He plays up front for both the French national team and the Spanish club Real Madrid.

Wahida Djebbara is an Algerian native. She was born and reared in Lyon. Karim is a top player for France. Also, he is recognized as one of the game’s top scorers. He developed a love for football from a young age. He started playing football in 1995, made his varsity debut in 2004, and hasn’t looked back since.

Djebbara Wahida Family Life

The rigorous disciplinarian Hafid Benzema is married to Wahida Djebbara. They come from a big family. They have nine kids together: Karim, Sofia Benzema, Nafissa Benzema, Lydia Benzema, Laeticia Benzema, Farid Benzema, Gressy Benzema, and Sabri Benzema.

The family’s life in the past was challenging due to their large number of children and their residence in a dangerous area with a high crime rate, but they overcome all of their challenges and are now in a happy place.

Football players Gressy and Sabri routinely consult Karim for tips on technique and game plans. Karim helps his brothers, who he gets along with well.

Wahida Djebbara Salary

It is difficult to estimate Wahida Djebbara’s net worth because she hasn’t disclosed it, but as of February 2023, her son Karim has a net worth of $70 Million.

Father Hafid and Karim Benzema

When Karim was younger, he had erred. It was challenging to keep him away from everything because he had been involved in illegal activity, but his father Hafid managed to do it. For many of Karim’s supporters, this may come as a surprise.

Until things went out of hand, he regulated and punished all of his kids, including Karim. Wahida claims he is the family’s police officer.

Karim Was a Shy Person

The background of the Karim we see today reveals how he came to be this character. He was an introvert as a child and started playing football at an early age. He wasn’t always talkative and avoided eye contact.

He was criticized heavily for his cold personality as a result, yet on the inside, he had felt homesick since he was a young boy. And as a result of all the stress he endured, he started to develop the personality we know today.

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