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Lilly Greenfield is a well-known celebrity child and is the child of Tess Sanchez and Max Greenfield. Lilly Greenfield’s mother is a casting director, while her father is a performer.

She was born in 2010. Her age is 13 years old as of 2023.

What is the net worth of Lilly Greenfield?

Tess, who works as a casting director, has not revealed how much money she makes. Lilly Greenfield must, however, be wealthy, in our opinion. The average salary for a casting director is $69406 a year, or $37.50 per hour, according to Max is believed to have a net worth of $3 million, as of 2023 which he has accumulated from his acting career. He gained the most notoriety for his portrayal of Schmidt in the Fox comedy New Girl.

For his depiction of Schmidt in the show, he received nominations for the Critics’ Choice, Golden Globe, and Emmy awards. Since 2011, the show has been airing. His co-star Zooey Deschanel makes $125,000 every episode as part of the show. Up till now, he has been in a variety of movies and TV shows. In shows like Melrose Place, 10 Things I Hate About You, Kath & Kim, Do Not Disturb, and Knight Rider, he has made appearances.

Quick Facts of Lilly Greenfield

Full Name Lilly Greenfield
First Name Lilly
Last Name Greenfield
Date of Birth 27,2010
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Max Greenfield
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Tess Sanchez
Mother Profession casting director
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Aquarius

Siblings and parents

August 8th, 2008 was her parents’ wedding. Before saying their vows to each other, the couple dated for five years. Over the years, her parents have made a great team. Given that she is in charge of managing the household, Tess has been a fantastic wife. Her husband declared that she was the best director he had ever worked with in an interview with Elle. Her only sibling is Ozzie James Greenfield. She gave birth to her brother on August 24, 2015. She and her brother are very close. Her mother shared a picture of the Greenfield siblings holding hands and grinning at each other on December 23, 2018.

Her father has begun teaching her at home.

All schools have been shuttered and everyone has been urged to stay at home because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Lilly Greenfield’s father has now taken over as the instructor as a result. The father-daughter team’s homeschooling videos have delighted viewers all over the world. Max’s Instagram videos make it crystal clear how badly his child roasts him. Max tries to read “The Birchbark House,” but fails. After that, his daughter texts her teacher to let her know that she had trouble understanding what she had written and that her father had trouble reading the birchbark home.

Before now, Max has published tapes in which she alleges her father has a dog s*** voice and rips on his schooling. There was a lot of glug glug glug and puff puff puff. Here is a video of her singing, to which her father later joins her. He has a dog s*** voice, she says as she cuts him off.

Lilly’s dad, Max, loves Honest Headlines a lot.

Max Greenfield, her father, was seen speaking with renowned interviewer James Corden on his Late Late Show. The start of the show was quite exciting. James, the interviewer, began reading the news, which was a departure from past openings. There was an abrupt loud chuckle. None other than Max was there. James questioned Max about his motivation for being there. He replied that he was watching the show. He clarified that he doesn’t frequently go out to see live comedy.

He said it was a chance of a lifetime. Max further added that Honest Headlines are without a doubt great. Max also gave James the order to carry on with the presentation. And he’s simply standing there, enthused and excited, listening to him.

Lilly and her father’s ice cream outing

Let’s look at the quality time that father and daughter spent together away from work-related activities. They were spotted going to a café on East 60th Street that is well-known for its delicious ice cream treats, including frozen hot chocolate. Lilly’s father, Max, reprimanded her directly for arriving at that location when it was barely above zero.

To celebrate her birthday, Lilly and Max traveled to New York City, but her mother and brother stayed in Los Angeles. But, they also stopped by the Museum of Illusions as part of their trip. The couple, however, walked right up to the corner table close to the antique Tiffany lamps. Max placed an order for a frozen hot chocolate drink, a burger for himself, and fries for his child. Then Lilly pleaded with Max for his iPhone. She took pictures of herself proudly walking to the Neighborhood set.


Lilly Greenfield was born in 2010, thus in 2023 she will be 13 years old.

According to Lilly Greenfield’s profile, Lilly Greenfield celebrates her birthday every year on January 27.

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