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Louise Annette Talley Dixon, Jamie Foxx’s biological mother, is well-known. Louise Annette Talley Dixon is an American record producer, actor, comedian, television personality, and composer. The illustrious mother, Louise, was born in the country. Foxx was a young child when Louise abandoned him

Louise was reared by her parents somewhere in the United States. She appears to be in her late 1970s based on her pictures. Her mother is Esther Marie Talley, and her father is Mark Talley. She is of African heritage and a citizen of the United States.

What is the net worth of Louise Annette Talley Dixon?

We might assume Louise Annette Talley Dixon has a solid net worth even though she is best known for being the mother of actor, singer, songwriter, record producer, and comedian Jamie Foxx. We all know she lives a luxurious life. Yet, it is impossible to determine how much money she has.

As of 2023, Jamie, one of her sons, is estimated to be valued at over $100 million. His considerable income was also aided by his early tanning show and CD. Jamie, Louise’s son, also owns a sizable collection of automobiles, including a Bugatti Veyron and a Rolls Royce Bentley painted in gold. With this knowledge, we may conclude that the Louise family enjoys a comfortable existence that satisfies all of their wants and needs.

Quick facts about Louise Annette Talley Dixon

Full Name Louise Annette Talley Dixon
Popular For Being the mother of Jamie Foxx
Birth Place United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Father Mark Talley
Mother Esther Marie Talley
Husband Darrel Bishop
Children Deidra Dixon, Deondra Dixon, Jamie Foxx


Louise Annette Talley Dixon’s professional history is unknown at this time. Louise has never combined the topics of her personal and professional lives. Despite being a single mother of three kids, she might have worked.

According to numerous reports, she can have worked for any business. She may have dabbled in a variety of jobs in the past, even though it is evident she is no longer employed.

The son, Louise, started his career as a comedian in 1989 at an open mic night at a satirical club. In addition, he was given the name Jamie Foxx in tribute to the obscure dark comedian Redd Foxx. In 1991, Jamie landed his first acting job on the satire program Living Color. Two years later, he landed a regular part in the comedy Roc. In 1992, he had an appearance in the comedy Toys.

He appeared in Oliver Stone’s movie Given Sunday, and the same year, Peep This, his debut album, was released. Also, he was in Michael Mann’s Ali, a television program. He has collaborated with other rappers and musicians in his line of business, and he has so far put out five albums. He teamed up with Kanye West on the show theme Jamz for Gold Digger in 2003, and they also worked together on the show theme Jamz for Gold Digger in 2004. His second album, Unpredictable, was made available after that. He and Kanye West also won the Best Duet/Collaboration prize at the 2006 BET Awards for the song Gold Digger.

Family, Husband, Relationship

In Louise Annette Talley Dixon private life, she is a married lady and Darrel Bishop’s wife. Little is known about their prior relationships or how they met. The couple’s three children go by the names of Jamie Foxx, Diedra, and Diondra Dixon. They were only married for a short period before being divorced. Their divorce has not yet been given a specific start date.

She abandoned her seven-month-old son Jamie Foxx as a result of her worries. Louise raised all three of her children independently and is the proud mother of three. She has a lot to deal with as a single mother of three kids. As a result, Jamie Foxx was raised by his mother’s guardians, Esther Marie and Mark Talley. Up until this point, Louise had been leading a happy life. She currently enjoys her life as a single woman.

Physical Appearance (Height, Weight)

We also don’t know Louise Annette Talley Dixon height, weight, or any other physical characteristics.


Louise Annette Talley Dixon, the mother of Jamie Foxx, is well known on a global scale.
Her son Jamie has a net worth of $100 million.
As of today, 2021, no information is available on her actual birthdate.
Her weight and height are both still unknown.
She does not use any social networking websites.

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