Meet Jamie Dornan’s youngest daughter, Alberta Dornan.

Alberta Dornan

Meet Jamie Dornan’s youngest daughter, Alberta Dornan.

The youngest child of actor, model, and musician Jamie Dornan is Alberta Dornan.

They dated for three years before getting married.

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner dated for three years before getting married. They met at a party in California through a mutual friend. Their energy appeared to mesh, and they started dating. Her parents chose to get married to her after two years of courtship. Thus, the couple became engaged in 2012. She is also an English actress, composer, and musician.

Finally, the couple wed in a private ceremony on April 26, 2013. They were married in front of their close friends and family. Ten years into their relationship, they are still going strong. Her mother had previously been wed to another person. She wed Irish actor Colin Farrell in the year 2002. They lived together as husband and wife for four months even though their union was not legally recognized. It’s not yet apparent why they split up.

They had a child after only seven months of marriage.

When her mother wed her father, she was already with their first child. At the time, she was two months pregnant. After just seven months, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter on November 21, 2013. Her parents had given her the name Dulcie Dornan. She is related to two elder sisters.

Her other sister is known by the name of Elva Dornan. When they go out with their parents, the media will occasionally take pictures of them. On the other hand, she hardly ever shares pictures of her parents on social media. Even if they do, they take care to ensure that their daughters’ faces are hidden from view.

Her father rejects religion.

Her atheist father, who is well-known for playing Sheriff Graham Humbert in the television series Once Upon a Time, is one of the family’s most unique characteristics. A person is said to as an atheist if they do not believe in the existence of gods. People don’t believe that there is a God in our world.

When he lost his mother, he was 16 years old.

Her father, Jamie, lost his mother, Lorna Dornan, to pancreatic cancer when he was only sixteen years old. He was close to his mother and the youngest member of the family. He found it challenging to maintain his professional focus while dealing with the passing of his mother. Jim Dornan, his father, is a doctor and obstetrician who once wanted to be an actress. Jessica Dornan is a fashion designer, while Liesa Dornan works for Disney in London. He was primarily raised outside of Belfast.

Alberta Dornan’s 2023 net worth

It is unknown how wealthy Alberta Dornan is. But as of 2023, it’s estimated that her father, Jamie Dornan, has a net worth of $14 million, which is a sizable quantity of money. His job as an actor, musician, and model is his primary source of income and wealth. Numerous businesses, including Calvin Kelin, Hugo Boss, Fitch, and Armani, are among those he has represented. Alberta is home to expensive cars including a Range Rover and an Audi 5. He resides in a stunning house in the Hollywood Hills.

Birthday and age

Her age and date of birth are unknown. However, we estimate that she is at least two years old.

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