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Olivia Korenberg, who was born in 1989, rose to fame as an actress after Seann William Scott wed her. Olivia Korenberg and Seann William Scott had children together or before being married no one is aware.

There is no information regarding her parents, her siblings, or her brothers and sisters.

She was born in 1989. Her age is 34 years old as of 2023.

When it comes to race, she is undoubtedly a Jewish woman. One of her first parents was a devoted Jew, as her last name “Korenberg” indicates. One of the reasons she was excluded from the probe was that she opted to keep her Instagram account private.

Following her high school graduation, Olivia enrolled at Southern California University to study French in 2006. She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a master’s degree in interior design. According to an interview Olivia did in 2017, her favorite novels and albums are Albert Camus’ “The Stranger” and Elliott Smith’s “XO.” On the other hand, her preferred dish was a warm baguette.

He met Olivia Korenberg, another well-known actor, through his role as Steve Stifler in the American Pie films. He played Doug Glatt in the 2017 sports comedy Goon: Last of the Enforcers. The spouse of Olivia Korenberg has been on several programs, including Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade and Lethal Weapon This Country. She is a 34-year-old woman who is approximately 5’7″ (173 cm) and 62.5 kg in height and weight, respectively (134 lbs.). She has made numerous media appearances since she wed Seann William Scott. The two of them are attractive, and she is a stunning woman who cares deeply about the welfare of others and works to guarantee that everyone may live in security and comfort.

What is the net worth of Olivia Korenberg?

Olivia Korenberg has produced a wide range of work, enabling her to be independently wealthy and involved in numerous businesses. As a result, she is now well-known thanks to social media. She can support herself because her husband, Seann William Scott, works at the company and she hails from a wealthy family. They have a wealth value of $500,000.

Quick Facts of Olivia Korenberg

Full Name Olivia Korenberg
Popular For wife of Seann William Scott
Profession Interior Designer
Estimated Net Worth $500,000
Age 34 years old As in 2023
Birth Date 1989
Height 5’7’’
Weight 62 kg


Olivia Korenberg co-founded “Two Fold LA,” a boutique design studio in Los Angeles. She also works as a design consultant, event stylist, and interior designer for both homes and businesses. The “Two Fold LA” Instagram account states that Olivia left her position as the company’s lead designer in the middle of August 2019. She left the company while still working there and went on a business vacation. It cost money for her to get the chance to assist in organizing the wedding of two people she had known since high school.

From May 2009 to July 2010, Olivia served as a design assistant for “Digs By Katie.” She was offered a job at “Avenue Interior Design,” which was quite similar, almost immediately. She seems to be a responsible person based on her work ethic and excitement for independence.

Family, Husband, Relationship

She thought she had simply made some new friends while in college, but she never did meet a significant other or fell in love. She is nevertheless certain that a man is the one she wants in her life permanently after finding true love with him. She marries Seann William Scott, a well-known and respected American actor, this year after finally finding love. They are both currently living fulfilling and joyful lives as a pair.


In 1989, Olivia Korenberg was born.

She is currently 32 years old.

She experienced a complete love affair with American actor Seann William Scott in 2019.

Olivia has password-protected her Instagram account to avoid hacking.

She grasped the chance to organize the wedding of a couple she had known since high school.

She is $50,000 wealthier than the average person.

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