MC Serch

Since 1988, MC Serch and his wife Chantel Berrin have been married.

Rapper, music executive, and producer Michael Berrin, best known by his stage name MC Serch, hails from the United States. In the past, he had also been a part of the bands Non-Phixion and 3rd Bass. Search has established himself as a successful businessman and musician, but Chantel Berrin is the one he must thank for everything.

MC Serch and Chantel Berrin, His Wife

Since 1988, MC Serch and Chantel Berrin have been dating. They dated for four years before getting married in 1992. Because of their intense love for one another, Berrin converted to Judaism to wed the rapper. Berrin said in a 1993 interview that she converted to another religion because she wanted to, not because she was forced to.

According to his website, Serch grew up in an observant Jewish community in Queens, New York. It follows that his family’s conservatism in terms of religion is not surprising.

Because he was Jewish and she wasn’t, the pair was unable to have a religious wedding, which led Berrin to decide to convert. Search nevertheless wed her.

“It’s pretty amusing. Despite how modern my family is—involved in hip-hop and married to people of different races—we happen to be pretty orthodox Jews.

Judaism views marriage as sacred and “a major issue,” so Berrin converted to respect her husband’s faith and have a religious wedding.

The pair have been together for 33 years and are still deeply in love. Search routinely posts pictures of the two together to show his wife how much he cares for her. On December 28, 2013, the day of his wife’s birthday, he said on Instagram that he owed her everything.

The rapper then stated, via an emotional caption, that he would be a considerably less human being. Berrin didn’t attend to back up the rapper. He added that even when he didn’t deserve it, his wife gave him a compass and unwavering love. As he disregarded himself and was away, she took care of her and maintained stability for their three children.

He also called her a “superstar” and a “greater star” than he could ever be. He hoped to “love and honor” his wife for the rest of his life and only had good things to say about her.

He thanked her for standing up for him, forgiving him, and being by his side as he ended the caption. It is therefore safe to assume that the pair will remain together and close in the years to come.

And Chantel Berrin, MC Children

The rapper and Chantel Berrin are parents to three kids. However, because the pair is secretive about their personal life, there is not much known about them.

The picture on Berrin’s private Instagram account shows the couple’s two kids and one son. One of their kids, Mia, is carrying on her father’s legacy by working in the music business.
She is the Pom Pom Squad’s lead singer, a rock group from New York.

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