Steve Lund

Steve Lund’s Gay Rumors Were Dispelled After An Old Interview Resurfaced

On the Canadian television series Bitten, where he has a steamy on-screen romance with Paige, actor Steve Lund is famous for luring women to him with his attractive good looks. On the other hand, little is known about the actor’s real-life romance. Because he has been coy about his relationship, fans have commonly assumed that he is gay. By publishing a little risqué photo of himself and a friend online, Lund stoked LGBT suspicions.

Gay allegations were started by an Instagram post.

As Steve Lund tweeted a picture of himself hugging a man with the text “I do,” the allegation that he was gay quickly gained traction.
After reading the message, many individuals made assumptions about his sexual orientation. Similar doubts were raised by another image that he shared on social media in September 2017 which showed him posing in nothing but his underwear. While Steve’s posts were bold, they were also amusing and entertaining. His hugging Jeff Lohnes in the first shot was just a joke on Lund. Lohnes is married and has a child with his wife.

Steph was Lund’s girlfriend.

Steph had never disclosed his relationships with women to the public. Instead, he kissed Dan Levy, a male co-star from the television series Schitt’s Creek, causing LGBT rumors to spread. Nevertheless, when a previous interview in which he addressed his ex-girlfriend and perfect dates appeared online, all rumors were put to rest. Steve responded to the question, “That would be like a complete day thing starting with brunch that I made, going to a concert or something like outdoor hiking and eating wonderful cuisine, and going to an amusement park,” to AfterBuzzTV.

He talked about going on dates with women to places like bowling alleys and go-kart tracks, letting them win on purpose. During the interview’s 39th minute, Steve added a story about his ex-girlfriend Steph. He claimed that since they raised a fuss, they were kicked out of Medieval Times. Lund claimed that Steph was so inebriated that she threw chicken wings at the waitress. He stated about his ex, “She was a lot of fun, and we had a lot of fun together.

Steve Lund is a husband.

Lund’s marital status and relationship status are unknown. There is no confirmation of his romantic life. Even his social media stays away from it. On the other side, the Nova Scotian native uploads pictures of his Instagram account’s goddaughter, Eliana Grace McArthur.

The Canadian actor has kept his love life a secret, even though he enjoys talking about his goddaughter and brother. Assuming the actor is gay and in a committed relationship before he comes out is rude.