Froy Gutierrez

Supporters of Froy Gutierrez had long suspected him to be gay.

Some of Froy Gutierrez’s followers on Twitter and Snapchat had long hypothesized that he was gay, but there wasn’t enough solid evidence to support anything. The Teen Wolf star, though, was reportedly in London in September 2020 with Scottish actor Richard Madden, according to the Dailymail. Brandon Flynn, the star of 13 Reasons Why, and Madden is known to have once lived together. Flynn has been out about his sexual orientation.

Madden and Guerrez appeared in London Together

According to a September article in the Dailymail, Guitierrez was in London with his actor friend and Game of Thrones star Madden. The post featured images of the couple walking along the street while holding a sizable black rubbish bag. In all black, the former King of the North from the fantasy series Game of Thrones looked stunning as ever. He was wearing a black shirt, black slacks, and a dark denim jacket. He wore a black mask over his face to keep himself safe from the coronavirus epidemic and to blend in.

The 23-year-old Gutierrez was also fascinating. He was dressed more simply than his exquisite buddy, with what appeared to be a yellow jersey shirt and faded jeans. Afterward, the duo could be seen leaving in a car, with Madden at the wheel.

Madden and Gutierrez Spent the Lockdown in Isolation in LA Together

These pictures were made public only a few months after Gutierrez and Madden’s romantic evening in Los Angeles made headlines in May. The Bodyguard star reportedly spent the lockdown in seclusion in Emilia Clarke’s lavish two-bed home in Los Angeles, according to Simon Boyle of The Sun. After filming the following Marvel movie, Eternals, in London, Madden returned to Los Angeles a few weeks before the lockdown started, the insider said. The 33-year-old superstar is rumored to have moved his friend Gutierrez into the exquisite property to keep him company while he was imprisoned.

They all went on a picnic together.

On April 11, 2021, Gutierrez and Madden were seen together once more as they made their way to Hampstead Heath in London for a picnic. The two were seen walking around the quaint town carrying Marks & Spencer’s merchandise. While Madden wore a grey sweater, padded jacket, slim jeans, and black boots, Gutierrez wore a forest green pullover, black pants, and walking boots. All of these indications suggest that the two actors have been dating for a considerable amount of time. Yet until people decide to come clean, nothing is assured.

Froy Gutierrez, is he gay?

While spending the lockdown together is not sufficient evidence of their sexual orientation, the idea that Madden and Gutierrez might be having a secret romance certainly raises questions. Even Gutierrez’s supporters are curious about his relationship with Madden. One fan took the time to ask, “Are you dating [Richard Madden]…#LoveWins,” in one of his tweets from the BLM rally in Santa Monica.

Madden once shared a home with Brandon Flynn.

Before spending time alone with Gutierrez in the extremely expensive luxury home, Madden shared a home in Los Angeles with Flynn. After Madden split from his actress fiancée, Ellie Bamber, in the early months of 2019, they moved in together.

As word grew about Madden’s alleged homosexuality, media outlets began questioning him directly. The Eternals actor declined requests for clarification because he desired to maintain his privacy.
I simply keep my private affairs secret. I’ve never talked about my romantic partnerships.
Richard’s remarks may or may not have verified the fears, but they undoubtedly did not allay them.

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