Devion Cromwell

Devion Cromwell is the famous son of two famous people makes him well-known. Devion Cromwell is the son of businesswoman Melissa Brim and the adoptive son of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

What is the net worth of Devion Cromwell?

Devion Cromwell’s occupation and financial worth have not yet been made public. Floyd is still the highest-paid athlete in the world. Floyd’s net worth is predicted to be more than $ 1 billion¬†as of 2023. But like most athletes, his worth changes over time.

Quick Facts of Devion Cromwell

Full Name Devion Cromwell
First Name Devion
Last Name Cromwell
Father Name Floyd Mayweather
Father Profession Boxer
Mother Name Melissa Brim
Mother Profession Businesswoman
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 58 kg
Net Worth $1 billion

Is it accurate that Mayweather choked his child during a fight?

Zion Shamaree Mayweather, Koraun Mayweather, and Jirah Mayweather are the two kids born to Floyd and Josie Harris (daughter). Melissa Brim, Floyd’s girlfriend, was a couple. Nonetheless, their relationship was erratic and their bond was rocky. Devion is Melissa’s only child. Iyanna Mayweather, another daughter of Floyd Mayweather, was born.

Floyd did not raise Devion. Floyd still views him as his adopted son. It was a problematic issue when Melissa’s residence was closed to Devion and his friends. In 2014, the incident happened on Halloween. Things got out of hand when Devion yelled aggressively at Floyd, his biological father. In a fit of rage, Floyd seized Devion’s neck and strangled him.

Devion took things a step further and called the police. No lawsuits were then brought since Devion decided not to pursue it because of Floyd’s relationship with his mother. Devion has also before made controversial statements. Once he said,

He completely controls every member of our family, using both fear and money. It won’t be long before something akin happens once more.

The two stopped talking to one another after the incident, and they haven’t made amends.

The opulent lifestyle

Floyd and Melissa have been together for many years. The two were dating in Floyd’s early professional years. Nothing new has happened about Devion’s paternity. Floyd is proving for Devion, as was already indicated.

Family, Girlfriend, Relationship

Devion Cromwell carefully guards the details of his private life. Devion Cromwell posts a lot of content on social media for his family and friends to see. In celebration of his father’s 40th birthday, he just uploaded a video. Cornwell and his friends can be seen throwing confetti in the footage. There is no proof that he has a girlfriend, though. Although he has many friends, nothing regarding his romantic relationships has been made public.

Traumatic childhood

Over his life, Floyd has been a part of a lot of scandals. Floyd Mayweather Jr. started selling drugs when he was a year old. A gun was once pointed at his head by a dealer. This happened following a clash with the dealers that created confusion. Floyd Sr. used his child as a shield to defend himself. His aunt passed away from AIDS, and his mother was a heroin addict.


Floyd Senior has a wealth of knowledge at his disposal. He used to write to Floyd Jr. from prison to tell him that boxing was the only career he had to pursue since anything else would leave his future in doubt. He also cautioned Floyd that if he didn’t fight, he might end up selling drugs. Junior took this advice to heart and made the decision not to emulate his father.

Getting along with Mike Tyson

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson is one of his friends. They previously exercised at the same gym. Because of the Rolls Royce, he drove and the diamond watches he wore, Tyson served as Mayweather’s idol.

Mayweather’s anger and assaults against women

Floyd had already been detained for assaulting a woman at home. He consistently asserted that he was cast as the antagonist and that he was used to it. He added that it inspires him to put up more effort into his battles.

Physical Appearance (Height, Weight)

Devion Cromwell stands at 5 feet, 6 inches. He is about 58 kg (121 lbs) in weight and has wonderful, warm black hair and eyes. Devion Cromwell’s body is 36-28-34 inches in length.

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