Manu Rios

Manu Rios is a Spanish actor, model, and social media influencer who is most known for his part in the Netflix series Elite. Manu Rios was born in Spain’s Calzada de Calatrava and has been employed in the entertainment industry since 2008.

Manu Rios appeared in the Spanish reality series Castilla-La Mancha when Manu Rios was nine years old, which was his first to lights, cameras, and action. In 2010, Rios started uploading cover songs to YouTube. The wannabe musician gained enormous internet fame as music fans were drawn to his voice.

As of this writing, his official YouTube channel has 1.72 million subscribers. The outstanding artist’s development is also visible on his Instagram page. He has 9.7 million Instagram followers. Rios has achieved considerable success as an actor, but despite this, there are persistent rumors online about his sexual orientation.

Manu Rios, is he gay?

Manu Rios’ sexual orientation is frequently called into doubt, and gay charges are leveled against him. Sadly, there isn’t any concrete proof to support or disprove the persistent rumors. Because of his performance in the television series Elite, many made assumptions about his sexual orientation. Rios portrayed Patrick in Season 4 of the Netflix series. Patrick is in a same-sex relationship with the other characters on the show, Ander and Omar.

Rios’ character enrolls as a fresh student at Las Encinas and quickly develops a same-sex relationship with Ander and Omar. Rios’ character Patrick first develops feelings for Ander before eventually moving on to Omar. The three main characters ultimately get involved in a three-way sexual relationship.

Manu Rios’ tweets prompted gay speculations.

Elite’s fourth season began in 2021, however rumors regarding his sexual orientation first surfaced in 2017. Manu Rios has criticized people who use the term “gay” in a derogatory way but has never officially declared himself to be gay or defended his sexual orientation. Rios discussed the issue on Twitter and referred to those who label others as LGBT as “sad.” The actor requested in 2015 that his followers unfollow him if they displayed homophobia, racism, or misogyny.

Internet Rumors About His Sexuality

Two years ago, a Quora user going by the name anonymous revealed that Rios is gay. If someone asks, “Do you think Manu Rios is gay?” Before claiming to know Rios personally, the unidentified user initially made sexuality-related claims about the actor. The user’s comment has had over 50,000 views as of this writing and has received 43 upvotes from other Quora users. In the lengthy article, the anonymous user questioned whether it made a difference to know someone’s sexual orientation and whether it was even necessary to be concerned about people’s sexuality in 2018.

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