Caprice Herjavec

The Multi-Millionaire Mother of Caprice Herjavec: What You May Not Know

One of those famous people, Caprice Herjavec, is most well-known because of her parents. She is the offspring of Canadian businessman Robert Herjavec, a Shark Tank contestant.

Father and Mother

She was conceived by her parents, Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec. In addition, his mother is an optometrist and her father is a businessman and media personality. When Robert visited Diane for an eye exam, they immediately fell in love. They started dating shortly after that and got hitched in Mississauga, Canada, in 1990. Up until allegations that Robert had cheated on his wife with his Dancing with the Stars co-star, Kym Johnson, the loving pair was living a lovely and happy life.

Although they both denied having an affair, Diane was adamant about getting a divorce. Robert is a decent husband and a good father, but Diane stated in an interview that she was unable to continue living with him. Skye Herjavec, Brendan Herjavec, and Caprice are the three children that Diane and Robert have. She withheld the details of their divorce. Robert’s adulterous relationship with Kym Johnson could be to blame.

When she finalized the divorce in 2015, Robert experienced heartbreak. His wife’s decision upset him, and he even attempted suicide. After her parents’ divorce, Caprice moved in with her mother and didn’t speak to her father. Her link to Robert and Kym Johnson gave her two half-siblings, Hudson Herjavec, and Haven Mae Herjavec.

Net value

As of 2023, she has no personal net worth. On the other hand, she can enjoy a lavish lifestyle because of her mother’s enormous worth. Caprice is a swimmer who has received many honors, including a silver medal at the Varsity Four C event of the US Collegiate Women’s Eastern Sprints. She is a legal intern at MG Miller Intellectual Property Law LLC and a student at Barnard College. She also held the position of mayor of Toronto for one day in 2012 after her father won the Mayor for a Day auction at Rob Ford’s Banquet for the Arts.

A Millionaire’s Millions Settlement for Her Mother

Her mother has an estimated net worth of $100 million, which she obtained from her ex-husband as part of the divorce settlement. Also, she works as an optometrist, earning a yearly salary of $82239. Robert is required by court order to provide $125,000 in child support each month. Before the marriage, Diane already had $20 million in assets, and the money just kept rolling in, raising her net worth.

She also received astounding equalization payments of $2.6 million. She will also receive $2.4 million when Robert’s Florida house is sold in addition to everything else. Another expansion would be a third of the $400 000 Caledon Ski Chalet.
The $200 million claimed net worth by Caprice’s father comes from his business and media ventures. He also created the Internet Security Software business BRAK Systems, which was sold to AT&T for $100 million. He established Herjavec Group, another software security company, a few years later. He receives a sizable sum of money from the company.