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Vaughn Evelyn Levesque

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Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, who was born in the United States on August 24, 2010, is the second child of Triple H and WWE Raw Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, who was born in the country on August 24, 2010, is now 12 years old and a citizen of the country. Vaughn Levesque, the second child of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, has famous grandparents who are Linda McMahon. Furthermore, she was a smart and diligent youngster in her youth. The celebrity family is made up of three kids in total. Their other siblings of Vaughn are Murphy Claire Levesque, his younger sister, and his older sister Aurora Rose Levesque. Vaughn. No information regarding Vaughn’s schooling history has been uncovered.

What is the net worth of Vaughn Evelyn Levesque?

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque has a net worth of $10 million as of 2023 thanks to her parents’ dedication and illustrious WWE careers. Although she is now too young to begin her WWE career, she plays sports at her school.

Triple H, Vaughn’s father, has a $40 million net worth. He accumulated his wealth as a result of his historic winning streak in the ring. His talent contract pays him $1.65 million, and his WWE deal pays him $1.5 million annually.

Quick facts about Vaughn Evelyn Levesque

Celebrity Name Vaughn Evelyn Levesque
Popular For Daughter of Stephaine McMahon
Profession Student
Estimated Net Worth $10 million
Age 12
Birth Date 2010
Birth Sign Gemini
Birth Place Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
Height 3 feet 10 inches
Father Triple H
Mother Stephaine McMohan
Siblings Murphy Claire Levesque and Aurora Rose Levesque


Because Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is too young to start a job, Vaughn has never had a job before. On the other hand, her parents’ careers have been fairly successful because his father is a well-known WWE superstar who has competed against numerous WWE wrestlers and won multiple championships. Along with being a wrestler, her father is also a businessman and an actor. Paul Michael Levesque has been the Executive Vice President of Live, Creative, and Talent Events for WWE since 2013. He is a renowned senior producer for NXT.

Stephaine, her mother, is a well-known WWE personality in addition to being an American businesswoman and a wrestler. Additionally, she received 2.47 percent of the WWE vote. Given her parents’ strong careers, she hopes to one day follow in their footsteps.

Family, Boyfriend, Relationship

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is currently too young to be in a relationship, so her current status is unknown. She needs to concentrate on her education at this time. She is single and has never been in a relationship. Her life is consequently free of rumors and scandals.

But Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, her parents, wed in 2003. Her mother is Vince McMahon’s daughter, the creator of WWE. Sources claim that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s marriage was not based only on love. Since dating an employee or athlete was against the regulations, it was challenging for them to begin dating while still working for WWE.

Physical Appearance (Height, Weight)

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque has a height of 3 feet 10 inches and a weight that is typical for her age. Despite this, nothing has been found that would describe her other physical traits. She is a great person to her parents, nonetheless, according to several research.


Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is the daughter of renowned WWE Raw Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon.
She will be 11 years old in 2021.
Vaughn’s parents celebrated her birthday on August 24.
Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon, Paul Levesque Sr., and Patricia Levesque are her grandparents.

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