Popularmmos YouTuber Another arrest has been made in relation to a pitch intrusion incident. Popularmmos 34-year-old American YouTuber is most known for his vlogs and Minecraft videos.

He goes by Patrick Thomas Julianelle. With more than 17 million subscribers, the PopularMMOs channel, which once featured Pat and his ex-wife Jen, enjoys enormous popularity on the platform.

Is He Currently Behind Bars? Again Arrested Popular MMOs, What Exactly Did He Do?

In connection with a pitch invasion incident at TIAA Bank Field at a Jacksonville Jaguars game last Sunday, PopularMMOs and two other males were detained (November 6). The three men who allegedly raced onto the field and recorded the joke—Patrick Julianelle, 34; Michael Richmond, 24; and Ethan Davies, 25—appeared in court on Monday. As they appeared in court for the first time, the judge said, “That was a terribly idiotic thing y’all did yesterday.” Criminal conspiracy and peace violation charges were brought against Patrick and Michael, who kept track of everything. Charges of criminal mischief and breach of peace were brought against Ethan, who ran away. Michael is also accused of having drugs in his hands.

The Sheriff’s report states that Ethan sprinted onto the field carrying a football and continued to run, thereby ending the game. His action caused a 1-minute and 42-second delay in the game. Personnel from ASM Global stormed the scene and threw Ethan to the ground. Moreover, their phones were seized.

The Earlier Arrests of PopluarMMOs

YouTuber PopluarMMOs has already been detained and prosecuted twice. Internet records from Duval County, Florida show that Pat was detained in 2013 on suspicion of domestic assault. He was taken into custody by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department on May 16, 2021, around 11:15 p.m. According to a police report obtained by Heavy.com, Pat, and Liz were detained because they told “opposing tales.” Pat immediately took to Twitter to lament being the target of “false accusations.” Do not believe everything you hear, he said. I’ll soon have to deal with false accusations.

He jokingly praised Eleni, his ex-girlfriend, for disclosing his address and torturing him and Liz. He wrote, “You are a nasty person. Finally released on a $2,503 bail, Pat was released. As of May 19, 2021, the pet was listed as “out of custody”. On May 18, 2021, his ex-wife, Jen, made matters worse by liking a tweet that implied Pat enjoyed abusing women. She then said that she enjoyed it by chance and that in their ten years together, Pat had never touched her. On June 20, 2022, Pat was detained for an additional attack with a hazardous weapon.

Which MMOs Are Popular?

YouTuber Patrick Thomas “Pat” Julianelle, commonly known as PopularMMOs, is from the United States. Popularmmos uploads footage of video games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft. Popularmmos produces vlogs as well. Pat participated in Kris Madas’ YouTuber Intro Challenge as one of the 32 YouTubers. In 2020, he received the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite.

The Challenge Games and Epic Proportions are his two most well-known Minecraft series. Together with GamingWithJen (now his ex-wife), Pat also engaged in challenges, roleplays, and witty comments. She was featured in almost all of the videos. After their divorce in 2019, Pat took over the channel and introduced his new girlfriend, Elizabeth “Liz” Heranek, to his audience. Pat was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but was born in Connecticut. His pet cat is named Cloud.