Roma Army

Roma Army as Chloe Sutherland is accustomed to controversy and drama. Roma Army is one of the most divisive TikTok stars and used to utilize the platform to air all of her frustrations

The major TikTok account she utilized, @roma Greek goddess, is no longer active. Even though her opinions are controversial, she is not hesitant to express them to her fans and supporters.

Because some of the Army’s content is humorous and engaging, people do not ignore the drama and controversy surrounding her. She presently uses @imnotromaarmy, her fallback TikTok account.

The most divisive position on gender equality within the Army. She typically fights for men’s rights. She is so adamant about her convictions that her YouTube channel is titled Roma Army Men’s Rights, and her Instagram profile is @romaarmy insights. These facts about Army, including information on her gender, drama, and controversies, are listed.

Are the Roma Army Men?

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One question that is frequently posed regarding the Army is “Is Roma Army a man?” On the other hand, Roma is a woman. She uses the pronouns she/her and is a cisgender woman, according to her Instagram.

On social media, Army has repeatedly talked about her gender and identity. For instance, she addressed the question of her gender on a live webcast on September 9, 2021.

She made it clear that she wasn’t a male or a trans person. She jokingly said that given her androgynous appearance and support for men’s rights, people undoubtedly mistake her for a man.

She uses the pronouns they/them and she/her and identifies as a woman. The identical question is addressed in a YouTube video made by Army.

She claimed that the most often query about her was, “Is Roma Army a man? “. She also explained her gender identity there, acknowledging that there were those days when she felt more male than feminine. She said that she wanted people to take her more seriously than normal, seeing the query as a compliment.


As was previously mentioned, scandal and drama are nothing new to the Army. Roma Army advocacy and support for men’s rights have drawn criticism from some people.

On the inaugural episode of her podcast, which debuted in November 2020, Army outlined the reasons for her convictions. She made it clear that she believes in gender equality and that it should apply to both sexes.

Roma Army drew inspiration from feminists she followed, including the “extremely radical” Clementine Ford. She didn’t appreciate their substance, especially the constant criticism of men.

She also came across other men’s rights advocates who are vocal about their own rights. The TikToker noticed a dearth of feminism and male concerns portrayal.

She decided to educate herself about men’s feelings and perspectives as a result. She was able to understand males and realize that not all men are nasty because she grew up around them.

She emphasized that both men and women might become victims. The assault perpetrated by their girlfriends on her male pals was something that the army had seen.

The Army asserts that it is working toward “real gender equality.” She has encountered criticism for her controversial beliefs because many people do not share her opinions.

Some people have signed petitions calling for the Army to be de-platformed as a result of these and other scandals. The TikToker remains undeterred, though, and it doesn’t seem like she will stop posting her opinions anytime soon.

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