When was Moana born? Ages of Disney Princesses

Since the 1937 premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Walt Disney Productions, Disney princesses have become a mainstay of popular culture. The Disney princess brand is so well-known that even characters like Moana, who doesn’t consider herself a princess at all, and Elsa, who both become Queens of Arendelle in Frozen and Frozen II, are regarded as princesses by fans.

Fans may be interested in learning the ages of the Disney princesses given the fame of these characters. Below is the age of each princess in her particular Disney film for those who are interested.

Wiki Moana

The lead in Disney’s 2016 animated feature film of the same name is Moana. The daughter of Chief Tui and Sina, Moana, was born in the island community of Motunui with a passion for the sea and travel.
The ocean chooses Moana to cross the ocean and save the world when life-threatening darkness threatens her island—with the aid of the shape-shifting demigod Maui. The series’ twelfth recognized Disney Princess is Moana.

Moana’s Physical Description and Age

Moana is a 16-year-old with a slim yet muscular frame that sets her apart from other Disney princesses and protagonists. She has large brownish-pink lips, brown eyes, strong brows, and long, wavy black hair. The only time Moana puts her hair up in a bun is when she is sailing. Moana typically wears her hair down.

Moana’s clothing is created entirely of tapa, pandanus, leaves, feathers, and other organic materials that may be found on Motunui. She typically wears a crimson Tapa crop top with seashell trim around the edges and a tiered design.

Appearance of Moana

She is dressed in a red skirt with a slit for movement on her voyage, and a red sash made of the same material as her skirt. When leading on Motunui, she dons a lei consisting of pink flowers and green leaves. After Gramma Tala passes away, Moana continues to wear the blue necklace she made with Te Fiti’s heart.

Moana further dons a ceremonial outfit with Samoan influences, with a red Tapa top and skirt with red tassels, a white Pandanus collar, skirt, and belt, as well as red-feathered arm cuffs and green leaf bracelets with white seashell trim.

The traditional Samoan headpiece, constructed from shredded red Pandanus, white feathers, seashells, and other locally-sourced natural materials, complete the look.

Her voyager dress, which she wears in the epilogue, serves as Moana’s final garment in the movie. In contrast to her previous clothes, which were all constructed of dried materials, Moana’s voyager attire is made of fresh leaves and plants.

The brilliant red leaves on Moana’s top symbolize her new role as Chief of Motunui. Her skirt is made of layers of torn Pandanus leaves, and her belt is fashioned of crimson Tapa with a panel of green leaves. Moana is adorned with a leaf cuff on her left arm and right ankle as well as a lei consisting of red, green, and white flowers and leaves.

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