While serving a sentence for her crime, Rachel Shoaf wed another prisoner.

Rachel Shoaf

Rachel Shoaf gained notoriety during her adolescence when she and her companion Sheila Eddy killed Skylar Neese in 2012. Rachel Shoaf recently made news of getting married to another prisoner despite serving time for her crime.

The case was a topic of controversy for a long time. Although it’s unclear whether Rachel has a wife, there is a lot of online chatter about her lesbian past and its possible connection to the murder case.

Rachel Shoaf: Is She Married?

It’s unclear whether Rachel Shoaf is married to a woman outside of a few non-conforming discussions on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Also, Amy Nicole Cobb is referred to be Rachel’s alleged spouse in numerous social media posts. But unless there is official denial, the rumor is untrue. Yet, Rachel’s friendship with Sheila, which came out during the investigation into the murder case, might have given her earlier lesbian fantasies some actuality.

The Real Reality Behind the infamous murder case

On the evening of December 12, 2012, three of my three best friends in adolescence—Rachel Shoaf, Sheila, and Skylar—stole away from their homes. Only two of them returned. At first, Rachel and Sheila kept their crime a secret and told a lie, saying they had dropped Skylar off close to her house that evening. But after a month, Rachel said that she and Sheila had killed Skylar by stabbing her, then hid her body in some Pennsylvanian woods as rumors about the girls spread.

Additionally, when asked why Rachel was killed, Rachel said, “We simply didn’t like her.” As the three had previously been an unbreakable trio, the confession did not make sense, and the case took a new turn during further investigation. Skylar tweeted “just know I know” before the murder investigation, hinting there was more to the tale. When the police found Skylar’s journal, they could see that he had seen Rachel and Sheila having a private moment. Given that the girls may have killed Skylar to hide their sexual connection, this information served as the motivation for the murder. Although the motive is still unknown, Sheila received a life sentence for second-degree murder, while Rachel received a 30-year sentence. The case also backfired on the killers’ parents since they were careless with their children.

What Are the Names of Rachel’s Parents?

When Rachel Shoaf’s crime made headlines nationwide, her parents’ names did as well. Patricia and Rusty Shoaf gave birth to Rachel Shoaf. Rachel Shoaf was raised in a middle-class home; her father owned a clothing store and her mother worked in communications. Patricia got a divorce and remarried a long time ago. Rachel consequently shared a home with her mother and stepfather.

What has become of her?

The Lake Correctional Facility in Mason County, West Virginia, where her friend Sheila is also detained, has received Rachel, now 25. Before being moved to the high-security facility, she was detained at the Northern Regional Youth Detention Center in West Virginia.

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